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Index to OEIS: Section Per

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Index to OEIS: Section Per

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percolation series , sequences related to :
percolation series (1):: A006462, A006731, A006808, A006727, A006461, A006836, A006732, A006734, A006728, A006730
percolation series (2):: A006462, A006731, A006808, A006727, A006461, A006836, A006732, A006734, A006728, A006730
percolation series (3):: A006742, A006738, A006733, A006729, A006837, A006803, A006807, A006804, A006739, A006835
percolation series (4):: A006813, A006809, A006735, A006810, A006838, A006805, A006811, A006740, A006736, A006806, A006812, A006741, A006737

perfect lattices: see lattices, perfect
Perfect matchings, A005271
perfect numbers: A000396*, A002827* (unitary), A007539 (n-fold)
perfect partitions: A002033*
perfect powers: A001597*, A007916, A023055, A023057

perfect rulers , sequences related to :
perfect rulers: A004137, A104305-A104310, A103294-A103301
perfect rulers: see also Golomb rulers

perfect years: A061013
Perfect:: A002033, A004026, A002839, A007346, A007422, A007357, A005820

period of continued fraction for sqrt(n) , sequences related to :
period of continued fraction for sqrt(n), length of: A003285*, A097853
period of continued fraction for sqrt(n), see: sqrt(n), length of period of continued fraction for

period of reciprocal of n: see 1/n
period of reciprocal of nth prime: see 1/p
periodic differences: see Index to sequences with linear recurrences with constant coefficients with signatures of the form (1,0,0,0...1,-1)

periodic sequences:
For (eventually) periodic sequences, see the special Index to periodic sequences (in particular, sequences with period length >= 10, period length >= 1000).
1-periodic, i.e., (eventually) constant sequences: see Index to (eventually) constant sequences
anti-periodic sequences: see Index to 2-periodic sequences, linear recurrence order 1, signature (-1)
see also: Index to linear recurrences with constant coefficients.

periodic table: A007656*, A058317, A058318
Periods:: A003285, A006447, A006883, A002329
Permanents:: A003113, A000794, A005326, A003112, A000804, A000805
permutation groups: see groups, permutation

permutations , sequences related to :

Permutations, alternating: A000111*, A007289, A007286, A005981, A006873, A005982, A005983
permutations, asymmetric: A000899
Permutations, Baxter, A001183, A001181, A001185
permutations, bitriangular: A006230
Permutations, by cycles, A005225, A005772
Permutations, by descents, A002538, A002539
permutations, by distance: A002524, A002525, A002526, A002527, A002528, A002529, A000045, A072856, A154654, A154655, A154656, A154657, A154658, A154659
Permutations, by inversions, A001892, A000707, A001893, A001894, A005287, A005283, A005284, A005285
Permutations, by length of runs, A001251, A001252, A001253, A000303, A000402, A000434, A000456, A000467, A000517
Permutations, by number of peaks, A000487
Permutations, by number of runs, A000352, A000363, A000486, A000506, A000507
Permutations, by number of sequences, A001759, A001760
permutations, by numbers of consecutive ascending and descending pairs, triangles of: A001100, A086856, A010028
permutations, by numbers of consecutive ascending and descending pairs: A002464, A086852, A086853, A086854, A086855, A001266, A000130, A000349, A001267, A001268
Permutations, by order, A001472, A005388, A001471, A001470, A001189, A001473
Permutations, by rises, A000130, A000239, A001277, A000274, A000544, A001279, A000313, A000349, A001260, A001261, A001266, A001267, A001278, A001268, A001280, A001282
Permutations, by spread, A004206, A004205, A004204
Permutations, by subsequences, A002628, A005802, A002629, A002630, A003316, A001454, A001455, A001456, A001457, A001458
permutations, connected: A003319
Permutations, cycles in, A006694
Permutations, descending subsequences of, A006219, A006220
Permutations, discordant, A002634, A000183, A002633, A000270, A000380, A000388, A000561, A000440, A000562, A000470, A000563, A000476, A000492, A000564, A000500, A000565
permutations, even: A001710*, A003221, A000704
permutations, graceful: A006967
permutations, indecomposable: A003319
Permutations, inequivalent, A003510
Permutations, inversions in, A000140
Permutations, isolated reformed, A007712
Permutations, key, A003274
permutations, largest order of: A000793*, A002809
Permutations, maximal order of, A000793, A002809
Permutations, menage, A002484
permutations, menage: see also menage numbers
Permutations, necklace, A003322
Permutations, odd, A001465
permutations, of n letters: A000142*
permutations, of order 2: A001189*, A001185*
permutations, of order dividing k, for k=2,3,4,5,... (1): A000085, A001470, A001472, A053495, A053496, A053497, A053498, A053499, A053500, A053501
permutations, of order dividing k, for k=2,3,4,5,... (2): A053502, A053503, A053504, A053505, A005388
permutations of the positive (or nonnegative) integers , sequences related to :
permutations of the integers, conjectured, paired with their inverse:
A064389 & A078758 (variant (4) of Recamán's A005132), A064809, A125717 & A245340 (least unused a(n+1)=a(n) (mod n)), A125718 & A249678, A139080 & A257280 (floor(max(a(n+1),a(n))/min(...))=2), ... (This entry needs to be greatly expanded!)
permutations of the integers, each paired with its inverse: (Families of related sequences are displayed in bold.)
A003100-A174025, A003188-A006068, A064706-A064707 (Gray code related), A006368-A006369 (amusical permutation)
A004484-A064206, A004485-A064207, A004486-A064208, A004487-A064211 (Sprague-Grundy values for Wyt Queens)
A029654-A064360, A064413-A064664, A032447-A064275, A035312-A035358, A035506-A064357, A035513-A064274, A047708-A048850
A048672-A246353, A048673-A064216, A048679-A048680 (binary encoding related), A052330-A064358, A059900-A059884
A052331-A064359, A054238-A054239, A054424-A054426, A054427-A054428, A057114-A057115
A054084-A064786, A053212-A064787, A060736-A064788, A054068-A054069, A057028-A064789, A060734-A064790, A064537-A064791
A034175-A064928, A064929-A064930, A057027-A064578, A054082-A064579, A036552-A065037
A065164-A065168, A065165-A065169, A065166-A065170, A065171-A065172, A065174-A065175 (perm. of Z folded to N, site swap pattern)
A065181-A065182, A065183-A065184, A065186-A065187, A065188-A065189 (Greedy Queens), A064736-A064745, A065249-A065250
A065259-A065260, A065263-A065264, A065265-A065266, A065269-A065270, A065271-A065272, A065275-A065276, A065277-A065278
A065281-A065282, A065283-A065284, A065287-A065288, A065289-A065290 (site swap), A065253-A065254
A065306-A065307 (Goldbach), A004515-A065256, A065257-A065258 (Quintal Queens)
A064417-A064956, A064418-A064958, A064419-A064959 (GCD(a(n),a(n-1))>k), A065561-A065578, A065562-A065579
A065627-A065628, A065629-A065630, A065631-A065632, A065633-A065634, A065635-A065636, A065637-A065638, A065639-A065640
A065660-A065661, A065662-A065663, A065664-A065665, A065666-A065667, A065668-A065669, A065670-A065671, A065672-A065673
A065649-A065650, A065934-A065935, A066248-A066249, A066250-A066251, A067587-A066884, A068225-A068226, A072061-A072062
A072732-A072733, A072734-A072735, A072793-A072794, A074305-A074306, A074307-A074308, A051261-A077226, A081344-A194280, A083412, A084469-A084470
A084453-A084454, A084455-A084466, A084459-A084460, A084461-A084462, A084489-A084490, A084491-A084492, A084493-A084494
A084495-A084496, A084497-A084498, A084499-A084530, A092401-A203602, A094608, A098003-A098485, A098488-A226134, A105529-A105530 (Gray code related), A108644, A108918-A118319, A118757-A118758, A134564, A139706-A139708
A147995-A163544, A153141-A153142, A153151-A153152, A154435-A154436, A154447-A154448
A163233-A163234, A163235-A163236, A163237-A163238, A163239-A163240 (Gray codes 2-D)
A163328-A163329, A163330-A163331, A163334-A163335, A163336-A163337, A163338-A163339, A163340-A163341 (Peano curve)
A163355-A163356, A163357-A163358, A163359-A163360, A163361-A163362, A163363-A163364, A163905-A163906, A163907-A163908, A163915-A163916 (Hilbert curve)
A163511-A243071, A166041-A166042, A166043-A166044 (Peano to Hilbert), A175500-A272570, A185180-A209293, A185725, A191450-A254047, A194030-A194031, A194988-A194989, A210770-A210771, A213928, A214226, A217013-A217294, A217296, A219159, A219360, A220516, A220952, A231550-A231551, A244153-A244154, A254103-A254104, A257470-A257271, A268717-A268718, A268823-A268824
A307485-A307613 (positive integers grouped by parity: one odd, two even, four odd, eight even, etc.)
A334619, A334998-A334999, A337822, A337838, A337909, A338840, A338841, A338843, A338844, A338846, A339723, A339853
permutations of the integers, induced by Catalan rerankings, each paired with its inverse:
(1) A071651-A071652, A071653-A071654, A072634-A072635, A072636-A072637, A072656-A072657, A072658-A072659
(2) A072646-A072647, A072787-A072788, A072764-A072765, A072766-A072767, A075161-A075162, A075168-A075169
permutations of the integers, self-inverse: (Families of related sequences are displayed in bold.)
A000027, A001477, A002251, A004442, A004488, A011262, A014681, A018220, A018221, A018222 (Wythoff game related),
A019444, A020703, A026239, A026250, A026255, A026262, A038722, A048647, A054429, A054430,, A056011, A056019,
A056023, A056539, A057163, A057164, A057300, A057508, A059893, A059894, A060125, A061579, A061898, A064429,
A064505, A064614, A065190, A065652, A069766, A069769, A069771, A069772, A069787, A069888, A069889, A071065,
A072026, A072027, A072028, A072029, A072356, A072796, A072797, A072798, A072799, A073280, A073281, A073675,
A073842, A074066, A074067, A074068, A080412, A081241, A083569, A084483, A085240, A086572, A086962, A086963, A086964,
A088337, A094510, A094681, A100527, A100830, A104696, A106649, A108590, A108591, A108592, A108593, A108599 (Beatty related),
A108971, A109233, A109236, A109239, A109250, A109261, A110119, A114538, A114578, A114579, A114882,
A115094, A115182, A115303, A115304, A115305, A115306, A115307, A115308, A115309 (counting up and down by chunks),
A117120, A117303, A118012, A118966, A120229, A120230, A120913, A122111, A122155, A125566, A125979, A125980, A126006, A126007, A126009, A126290,
A126320, A127387, A127388, A128173, A129594, A129608, A130339, A130340, A130373, A130374, A130918, A130981, A130982,
A131173, A132340, A132664, A132665, A132666, A132667, A132668, A132669, A132670, A132671, A132672, A132673, A132674,
A135044, A137662, A137805, A138236, A153150, A154125, A154126, A159253, A159586, A159587, A159588,
A160652, A162750, A162853, A163241, A163327, A163332, A163333, A163807, A164088, A165199, A166166, A166404, A193231, A225546, A227741, A253288, A256008, A258746,
A258996, A307150, A307151, A307266, A307267, A330396, A340258, A340669, A343767, A358971, A359018
permutations of the integers, signature-permutations induced by Catalan automorphisms, sequences related to :
permutations of the integers, signature-permutations of Catalan automorphisms:
A057163, A057164, A057508, A069766, A069769, A069770, A069771, A069772, A069787,
A069888, A069889, A072796, A072797, A073280, A073281, A082313, A082314
A057117-A057118, A057161-A057162, A057501-A057502, A057503-A057504, A057505-A057506, A057509-A057510, A057511-A057512,
A069767-A069768, A069773-A069774, A069775-A069776, A071661-A071662, A071663-A071664, A071665-A071666, A071667-A071668,
A071669-A071670, A071655-A071656, A071657-A071658, A071659-A071660, A072090-A072091, A072092-A072093, A072094-A072095,
A072621-A072622, A072088-A072089, A073269-A073270, A073282-A073283, A073284-A073285, A073286-A073287, A073288-A073289,
A073194-A073195, A073196-A073197, A073198-A073199, A073205-A073206, A073207-A073208, A073209-A073210, A073290-A073291,
A073292-A073293, A073294-A073295, A073296-A073297, A073298-A073299, A074679-A074680, A074681-A074682, A074683-A074684,
A074685-A074686, A074687-A074688, A074689-A074690, A082315-A082316, A082317-A082318, A082319-A082320, A082321-A082322,
A082323-A082324, A082325-A082326, A082331-A082332, A082333-A082334, A082335-A082336, A082337-A082338, A082339-A082340,
A082341-A082342, A082345-A082346, A082347-A082348, A082349-A082350, A082351-A082352, A082353-A082354, A082355-A082356,
A082357-A082358, A082359-A082360
permutations of the integers, related to 3x+1 or Collatz problem: A160016, A307048, A322469
permutations of the integers, tables of: A003987, A018219, A054081, A065167, A073200
permutations of the integers: see also A066252, A066253, A066254, A066255
permutations, permutation arrays:: A005677, A006841
permutations, quasi-alternating: A000708, A001758
Permutations, restricted, A003407, A006595, A003011, A002777, A000382, A007016, A000496
permutations, self-conjugate, number of: A000085
permutations, self-inverse, number of: A000085*
permutations, special: A003109, A003110, A003111
permutations, square: A003483
permutations, symmetric: A000900, A000901, A000902
permutations, unreformed: A007711
permutations, with a square root: A003483
permutations, with fixed points: A008290, A002467*, A000166 (0), A000240 (1), A000387 (2), A000449 (3), A000475 (4), A129135 (5), A129136 (6), A129149 (7), A129153 (8), A129217 (9), A129218 (10), A129238 (11), A129255 (12)
permutations, with no fixed points: A000166*
Permutations, with no hits, A003471, A000316, A000459
Permutations, with strong fixed points, A006932
permutations, zero-entropy: A006948

Perrin sequence: A001608*

persistence , sequences related to :

persistence (additive): A006050*, A031286* and A045646*
persistence (additive, optimal): also AO31286
persistence (multiplicative): A003001* and A031346*
persistence: see also powertrain

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