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Index: Instructions For Updating Index to OEIS

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  • This page will explain:

  • Updates to the Index are welcomed, but please be very careful. Remember that this is a scientific database. Please preserve the alphabetical order.
  • Do not sign changes with your name (the History tab will show who made the changes).
  • Don't forget that you often have to end a line with <br />, otherwise the next line may be combined with it.

  • Please be VERY CAREFUL when making changes! If in doubt, consult one of the Editors-in-Chief before making any changes.

Adding a link from the Index to a sequence

  • Sequence numbers, like A123456, automatically link to the sequence page in the OEIS. Please DO NOT use the deprecated template forms {{oeis|A123456}} or {{A|A123456}}. Further options are described in the Style Sheet.

Adding a link from a sequence to the Index

  • This assumes the Index entry already has an "anchor". If not, see below.
  • Put a line in the LINKS section of the sequence, using the format shown in these examples (which are from the Catalan numbers, A000108):
  • <a href="/index/Cor#core">Index entries for "core" sequences</a>
  • <a href="/index/Ne#necklaces">Index entries for sequences related to necklaces</a>
  • <a href="/index/Par#parens">Index entries for sequences related to parenthesizing</a>
  • <a href="/index/Ro#rooted">Index entries for sequences related to rooted trees</a>
(Note that a sequence can have several links to the Index.)
  • The link has the form <a href="/index/PPP#qqqq">Name of link</a>,
where "PPP" means that the Index entry is on the wiki page "Index_to_OEIS:_Section_PPP",
and "qqqq" is the anchor on that page. See Index to OEIS for the full list of pages.

  • A worked example.
  • Suppose you notice a sequence in the OEIS, say A123456, which mentions the Busy Beaver problem, but does not have link to the Index.
  • You go to the main Index to OEIS page, and you see that "Busy Beaver" would fall on the Index_to_OEIS:_Section_Br page in the alphabetical order.
  • You go to the Index_to_OEIS:_Section_Br page, and by clicking the View Source tab or the Edit tab, you see these lines:
<span id="beaver">''' Busy Beaver problem , sequences related to : '''</span>
:Busy Beaver problem: A028444*, A004147*, A060843*, A052200
  • In the span line, id="beaver" tells you that the anchor you want is "beaver".
  • So here is what you would add to A123456:
<a href="/index/Br#beaver">Index entries for sequences related to Busy Beaver problem</a>
  • You should also add A123456 to the Busy Beaver index entry.

  • If the entry doesn't yet exist in the Index then you should create it. If the entry does exist but does not have an anchor then you will have to create an anchor in the Index page.

Creating a new Index entry

  • The best advice is: look at an existing entry, and follow the same format.
  • See for instance the page Index_to_OEIS:_Section_Br, which has a number of good examples.
  • Click the View Source tab or the Edit tab to see what you need to type.

Adding an anchor to an Index entry

  • Suppose there is an Index entry with no anchor, looking like this:
watermelon numbers: A123456
  • To add an anchor, first choose a unique name, say "watermelon".
  • Then change the entry so that it reads
<span id="watermelon">'''watermelon numbers:'''</span><br />
watermelon numbers: A123456
  • Once you have saved the page, what you will see is:
watermelon numbers:
watermelon numbers: A123456
(The "span" line creates an invisible #watermelon anchor point.)

Adding a link from the Index to the Index

  • Here is an example:
bracelets: see also [[Index_to_OEIS:_Section_Lu#Lyndon|Lyndon words]]
  • To cross-reference the entry for watermelon numbers that you just created, you might say:
fruit: see also [[Index_to_OEIS:_Section_Wa#watermelon|watermelon numbers]]

  • It is a good idea to create lots of cross-references in the Index.
  • If you add an entry for Frank Sinatra graphs (say), then you should make sure that there are links from other versions to the main entry.
  • Which version you choose as the main entry is a matter of taste.
  • In this case the main entry should be:
graphs, Frank Sinatra

but there should also be links to the main entry saying

Frank Sinatra graphs: see graphs, Frank Sinatra
Sinatra, Frank, graphs: see graphs, Frank Sinatra
graphs, Sinatra: see graphs, Frank Sinatra

Adding a new Index page

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This item is only a tentative solution to a particular problem and might not be definitive.
The administrators may consider and end up choosing other options to resolve this particular issue.