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Index to OEIS: Section El

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Index to OEIS: Section El

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EL numbers (conjectured): A051006
electron mass: A003672
elementary sequences, number of: A005268
elevator buttons: A011760*, A052406
elliptic , sequences related to "elliptic":

elliptic curves, conductors: A005788
elliptic curves, rank of: A060748*, A060838*, A060950*, A060951*, A060952*, A060953*, A007765, A007766
elliptic curves, see also: A002150-A002159, A002153, A005524, A006962
elliptic function sn: see sn
elliptic functions:: A001936, A002318, A001937, A001934, A001938, A002754, A001939, A001940, A001941, A002753, A006089, A004005

ELN: see Even Lucky Numbers
embeddings of graphs in plane: see maps, planar
embeddings of graphs in sphere: see maps, planar
emirps: A006567*, A046732*
emirps: see also A003684, A048054, A007628, A048895, A048890, A209620
Enantiomorphs:: A006227
Endomorphism patterns:: A006961
Energy functions:: A002909, A002908, A007239, A003496, A003497, A003498

Engel expansions , sequences related to :
Engel expansions , definition: A006784*
Engel expansions for: e (A028310), e^(1/2) (A004277), pi (A006784), 1/pi (A014012), sqrt(2) (A028254), sqrt(3) (A028257), sqrt(5) (A059176), sqrt(10) (A059177), the golden ratio, (1+sqrt(5))/2 (A028259)
Engel expansions for: Euler's constant gamma (A053977), 2^(1/3) (A059178), 3^(1/3) (A059179), ln(2) (A059180), ln(3) (A059181), ln(10) (A059182), 1/ln(2) (A059183), 1/ln(10) (A059184), Pi^2 (A059185), Pi^2/6 or zeta(2) (A059186)
Engel expansions for: e^Pi (A059196), Pi^e (A059197), e^gamma (A059199), -ln(ln(2)) (A059200), Catalan's constant G (A054543), Khintchine's constant (A054544),
Engel expansions for: sqrt(Pi) (A059187), zeta(3) (A053980), Gamma(1/3) (A059188), Gamma(2/3) (A059189), gamma^2 (A059190), 1/gamma (A059191), ln(1/gamma) (A059192), 1/e (A059193), 1/e^2 (A059194), ln(Pi) (A059195)
Engel expansions: see also (1) A001601, A002812, A006537, A006538, A006539, A006540, A006693, A006695, A007567, A007568
Engel expansions: see also (2) A007768, A014014
English words for numbers, sequences related to:

English name of the number n:

Number of letters in : see Index to sequences related to number of letters in n
requires n words, smallest number which : A001167
syllables in the English word for n, Number of : A075774.
Primes with prime number of: A163648
Smallest n with given number of: A002810 (British English), A045736 (American English)
Numbers n divisible by: A164043

enneagon is spelled 9-gon in the OEIS
enneagonal is spelled 9-gonal in the OEIS
Entringer , sequences related to :

Entringer numbers: A008280*, A000111*, A006212, A006213, A006214, A006215, A006216, A006217, A008281, A008282, A008283, A010094

Enumerating rationals: see Index to sequences related to rational numbers

eponymous sequences:
eponymous sequences (or named sequences) (01): There are often a large number of sequences associated with these names.
eponymous sequences (02): The following list just gives one or two of the main sequences, or sometimes a typical sequence.
eponymous sequences (03): For other sequences associated with these names, see the Index to OEIS, or search for the name in
eponymous sequences (04): Abelian: A051532; Ackermann: A046859; Aitken: A011971; Alciun: A005044; Andrews-Mills-Robbins-Rumsey: A005130; Apery: A002736; ApSimon: A007673; Armstrong: A005188; Aronson: A005224; Arshon: A099054; Artin: A001122; Baker-Campbell-Hausdorff: A005489;
eponymous sequences (05): Baxter: A001181; Bell: A000110; Benford: A004002; Benny: A056064; Bernoulli: A027641/A027642; Berstel: A007420; Bertrand: A035250; Bessel: A006789; Bode: A003461; Bravais: A004030; Cald: A006509; Cantor: A055068;
eponymous sequences (06): Carmichael: A002997; Catalan: A000108; Cauchy: A006232/A006233, A002657/A002790; Chacon: A049321; Chebyshev: A049310; Chernoff: A006939; Chowla: A048050; Collatz: A014682; Connell: A001614; Conway-Guy: A005318; Conway: A005150; Cotesian: A100640/A100641;
eponymous sequences (07): Cullen: A002064; Davenport-Schinzel: A005004; de Bruijn: A080679; Dedekind: A000372, A001615; Delannoy: A008288; Dirac: A000007; Dowling: A003581; Dress: A001316; Duffian: A003624; Eisenstein-Jacobi: A055664; Entringer: A008280; Erdos-Wood: A059756;
eponymous sequences (08): Euclid-Mullin: A000945; Euclid: A006862; Euler-Bernoulli: A008281; Euler: A000111, A000364, A000926; Eulerian: A008292; Farey: A006842/A006843; Fermat: A000215; Feynman: A005411; Fibonacci: A000045; Fielder: A001635; Fine: A000957; Flavius: A000960;
eponymous sequences (09): Ford-Johnson: A001768; Friedman: A014221; Fullerenes: A007894; Gaussian: A002145; Genocchi: A001469, A036968; Germain: A005384; Gijswijt: A090822; Gilbreath: A036262; Giuga: A007850; Glaisher: A002111; Golay-Rudin-Shapiro: A020985; Goldbach: A001031;
eponymous sequences (10): Golomb: A001462, A003022; Goodstein: A056041; Gould: A001316; Graham: A006255; Gram: A002505; Greg: A005263; Gudermannian: A028296; Hadamard: A003432, A007299; Hamilton: A000905; Harshad: A005349; Heawood: A000934; Heegner: A003173;
eponymous sequences (11): Hofstadter: A005185, A005228; Hofstadter-Conway: A004001; Hoggatt: A005362; Hurwitz: A002306/A047817; Hurwitz-Radon: A003484; Jacobi: A000122, A034947; Jacobsthal: A001045; Jacobsthal-Lucas: A014551; Jordan-Polya: A001013; Keith: A007629; Kelley: A214551; Kempner: A002034;
eponymous sequences (12): Kendall-Mann: A000140; Knuth: A007448; Kolakowski: A000002; Kubelsky: A056064; Lah: A008297; Lambert: A001662; Landau: A000793; Leech: A001293, A008408; Lemoine: A046927; Levine: A011784; Levy: A046927; Liouville: A002819, A008836;
eponymous sequences (13): Loeschian: A003136; Losanitsch: A034851; Loxton-van der Poorten: A006288; Lucas: A000032, A000204; Lukasiewicz: A071152; Lyndon: A001037; Mahonian: A008302; Mangoldt: A029832; Maris-McGwire: A045759; Markoff: A002559; Marvin: A007502; McKay-Thompson: A007240;
eponymous sequences (14): Meeussen: A008934; Mersenne: A000043, A000668, A001348; Mertens: A002321; Mian-Chowla: A005282; Minkowski: A058914; Moebius: A008683; Molien: A001400; Moran: A001101; Moser-de Bruijn: A000695; Motzkin: A001006; Narayana-Zidek-Capell: A002083; Narayana: A000930, A001263;
eponymous sequences (15): Newman-Shanks-Williams (NSW): A002315; Niven: A005349; Norgard: A004718; Oldenburger: A000002; Opmanis: A177834; Ore: A001599; Padovan: A000931; Pascal: A007318; Pell: A000129; Perkins: A005670; Perrin: A001608; Pfaff-Fuss: A062993;
eponymous sequences (16): Pisot: A008776; Poincare: A001676; Proth: A016014; Prufer: A056096; Ramanujan: A000594; Ramsey: A000791; Raney: A062993; Recaman: A005132; Riemann: A057641, A002410; Riesel: A003261; Riordan: A109466; Robbins: A005130;
eponymous sequences (17): Rogers-Ramanujan: A003114; Rollman: A048992; Rowland: A106108; Rubik: A005452; Rudin-Shapiro: A020985; Ruth-Aaron: A006145; Salie: A000795; Sarrus: A001567; Schroeder: A000311, A001003, A006318; Scott: A048736; Shannon: A058759; Sierpinski: A047999;
eponymous sequences (18): Silverman: A001462; Sirag: A196224; Smarandache: A002034; Smith: A006753; Somos: A006720, A006721; Sperner: A001405; Stern-Brocot: A002487; Stern: A002487, A005230; Stirling: A008275, A008277; Stolarsky: A035506; Stormer: A005528; Such: A001608;
eponymous sequences (19): Sylvester: A000058; Thue-Morse: A010060; Turing: A004147; Ulam: A002858; Van der Pol: A003164/A003163; Van der Waerden: A007783; Van Lier: A005272; Vassiliev: A007473; Waring: A002376; Wedderburn-Etherington: A001190; Weierstrass: A002306; Whitney: A004070;
eponymous sequences (20): Wieferich: A001220; Wolstenholme: A001008; Zarankiewicz: A001197; Zeckendorf: A035517.

Epstein's Put or Take a Square game: A005240, A005241
equiangular lines: A002853*
Erastothenes: spelled as Eratosthenes in the datasbase
Eratosthenes: see sieve, Eratosthenes
Erdos-Woods numbers: A059756
erf: see error function
Eric numbers: see Belgian numbers
error function: A002067, A007019, A007680
Esperanto: A057853
Esperanto: see also Index entries for sequences related to number of letters in n
esters: A000632, A005958
eta(x) and other eta-functions, sequences related to :

eta(x), Dedekind's function: A010815*, A007706*
eta(x): see also A001482, A001483, A001484, A001485, A001486, A001487, A001488, A001490, A006665
eta(x): see also Index to Yves Martin's list of 74 multiplicative eta-quotients and their A-numbers

ethylene derivatives: A000631, A005959

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