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Deleted sequences

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  • This page lists A-numbers that have been recycled. This includes two kinds of sequences:
  1. sequences recently accepted but later removed from the OEIS;
  2. sequences from the draft stack that were submitted but not accepted.
  • Remember that if you delete a sequence, you must also delete (or update) all references to it in other entries—first do a search for the A-number in, then here in the OEIS wiki (in case there are references to it in the wiki pages).
  • Sequences that have been in the OEIS for a long time (even if they already have keyword "dead") should not be deleted. If they are incorrect or duplicates they can be given the keyword "dead".

Reasons for deletion

There are several reasons why a sequence may be rejected or deleted from the OEIS. Typically, this happens if the sequence is:

  • a duplicate of a sequence already in the OEIS,
  • an erroneous version of a sequence already in the OEIS,
  • ill-defined (e.g. the definition is incomplete or ambiguous, or the sequence is time-dependent),
  • withdrawn by the author,
  • does not contain enough terms (usually we need at least four terms),
  • too artificial or contrived,
  • not of general interest ("NOGI"),
  • a sequence which in the editors' opinion is not appropriate for the OEIS ("NFO"),
  • contains unacceptable language,
  • a new submission which has been on the Sequences awaiting review (Proposed drafts or Pending changes) list for over three months. (This usually happens when the author does not respond to the editors' questions.)

Some advice

To ensure that your sequence is not deleted:

  • Be very careful when calculating the sequence;
  • Give a precise definition;
  • Check that the sequence (even without the initial terms) is not already in the OEIS;
  • Write in correct English;
  • Include a comment saying why the sequence is interesting;
  • Give an example;
  • Say how you computed the sequence;
  • If possible, give a computer program;
  • If the Editors ask for clarification or request changes, follow their advice.

List of deleted sequences

This is a list of sequences which have been deleted, starting from the most recent.

  • "rifo" means "retired in favor of" (in other words, "the latter sequence is preferable").
  • "NOGI" means "Rejected because not of general interest".
  • "NFO" means "Not For OEIS", not up to OEIS standards.
  • One can use either a simple dash or hyphen (-) or an — (—) before a signature.
  • We receive many submissions that are not acceptable in the form in which they are submitted, for a huge number of different reasons. Many get accepted after the editors have improved them, but others slowly move to the bottom of the stack, where one of the Editors-in-Chief will make the final decision. This process may take a couple of months.

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