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I have implemented over 150,000 OEIS sequences in Java as of July 2023. I just started at sequence A000001 and went forwards doing each one that I could (well with a few forays into other areas as the need arose). I try to verify the existing terms. For some of these, I believe it is the first time apart from the original paper that the sequences have been recomputed and this has led to the correction of a good number of errors. The errors I have discovered have been roughly balanced between transcription problems (something getting lost or modified in going from the original to the OEIS), tables in published articles not matching supplied formulas, and errors in the original calculations.

Java does not have a lot of direct support for doing arbitrary precision calculations, so I have had to build quite a large library of support functions in this process. Some of the highlights include classes for basic computation over arbitrary groups, rings, and fields. This includes support for polynomials and matrices. A system of computable real numbers is used to handle some of the sequences requiring computation in the reals.

The collection of programs in available on github: jOEIS

I have a particular interest in integer factorization.

In my day job I write genomics software for Real Time Genomics in Hamilton, New Zealand.