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(Full name: Judson S. McCranie.) I've contributed and extended several sequences, almost all with computer searches. I have B.S. degrees in math and physics, a master's degree in applied math and a M.S. in computer science (theoretical CS).

Likes: sequences that grow roughly exponentially, number theory functions.

Dislikes: decimal digits of constants (generally).

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My OEIS contributions

JIS papers:

Judson S. McCranie, A Study of Hyperperfect Numbers, J. of Int. Seq., vol 3 (2000), article 00.1.3.

Spencer P. Hurd and Judson S. McCranie, Integers that are the Uniform Sum of Uniform Powers of all their Prime Factors: The Sequence A068916, J. of Int. Seq., vol 22 (2019), article 19.3.4.