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Theoretical physicist, MSc in applied physics and mathematics (MIPT, 2014)

OEIS contributions, including:

  • miscellaneous new sequences:
  • new sequences partly taken from published sources:
    • A279903, Hausdorff dimension of E{1,2};
    • A282137, a linear recurrence related to the Khmelnik representation of integers, A066321;
    • A279402-A279409, independence and domination numbers for toroidal chess graphs; also, corrections to A274947 and hence A250000, squares attacked by queens;
    • A288535-A288537, generalization of Conway's RATS to other bases;
    • A274137, МЩ;
    • A273975, a 3D array of "k-nomial coefficients";
  • contributions to miscellaneous nice sequences invented by other people:
    • programs for Conway's enumeration of rational knots A122495 and links A173637;
    • nested log formula for A278813, A278452, and related sequences;
    • a program for A277795, Equisetum-like graphs;
    • corrections and program for A267794, relative of van Eck's sequence;
    • some terms and an asymptotical formula for A277828, number of coin tosses to get a run of connsecutive identical result with probability >1/2;
    • realizing that A132101 is a 1D analog of A250001;
    • contributions to A282390, the tripling polyminoes;
    • contribution to A089618, "a Khinchin sequence";
    • a term for A283075, times measurable by burning ropes;
    • program for A173637, the curling number of the Thue-Morse sequence;
    • program for A287150, the fairest turn sequence for 3 players, which is in some sence a generalization of the Thue-Morse sequence;
    • contributions to Zorach additive triangle A035312 and related sequences, including A136561;
  • cellular automata:
    • A275302-A275305, related to Langton's ant on triangular lattice, by my pupil Oleg Nikulin;
    • A275667, cellular automaton on triangular tiling, by my pupil Alexey Kovba;
    • contributions to A274369 and other Langton's ant related sequences;
  • physics:
    • A006227(5), number of 5-dimensional space groups;
    • removing heresy from A003673 and A005600, the fine-structure constant;
    • another formula for A260832, "numbers 2(n)", which actually arose in my research;
  • what can be called editorial work:
    • editing of A054434, the Rubick's cube related sequence with unknown definition (I am particularly proud of solving this mistery);
    • a program and dscussion of binary Barker codes A276690;
    • a reference for an old sequence A020496;
    • crossrefs between different versions of A035607 (it turned out that there are 5 versions of the same array, mostly not cross-referenced);
    • discussion about the balance between chemical and mathematical definitions of A134818;
    • clarifications to A040004 and A288677, related to Waring's problem mod n (it took time to verify that the difference in one term only is not a mistake);
    • some other discussions.

The primary mechanism of decision-making in the OEIS community is NJAS ex machina.

Beware of the imp!

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