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As the Style Sheet says:

Avoid vanity: do not name the sequence after yourself (or your family members, your friends, etc.).

I've collected here some examples and non-examples for my own purposes. Below, I use "discoverer" loosely; sometimes the sequence was known or 'obvious', but the named mathematician discovered properties which made it interesting.

Of course, the discoverer is often not unique; many of these had been discovered before, or were otherwise misnamed. In some cases the person was wrongly attributed the discovery, but the name stuck. See Wikipedia's List of misnamed theorems for some examples.


Named after discoverer

This is a list of sequences named after a discoverer by the mathematical community. In several cases the particular name has been codified by the OEIS. Note that the concept of "discovery" in mathematics is very wide, and this list follows this expansive view rather than attempting to determine which of various candidates is most worthy of being considered "discoverer".

Sequence Name Named for Notes
A000045 Fibonacci numbers Fibonacci (Leonardo of Pisa)
A000058 Sylvester's sequence James Joseph Sylvester
A000108 Catalan numbers Eugène Charles Catalan
A000129 Pell numbers John Pell
A000134 Positive zeros of Bessel function of order 0 Friedrich Bessel also A000155, A000167, A000175, A000249, A000275, A000331, A000369, A000806, etc.
A000140 Kendall-Mann numbers Maurice Kendall and Henry Mann
A000215 Fermat numbers Pierre de Fermat
A000372 Dedekind numbers Richard Dedekind also A003182, A007153, A014466
A000658 Strehl's sequence Volker Strehl[1]
A000670 Fubini numbers Guido Fubini
A000789 Ramsey numbers Frank P. Ramsey also A006672
A000795 Salié numbers Hans Salié also A005647, A065547, A098435
A000905 Hamilton numbers William Rowan Hamilton
A000926 Euler's "numerus idoneus" Leonhard Euler
A000957 Fine's sequence Terrence L. Fine
A000978 Wagstaff numbers Samuel S. Wagstaff, Jr. also A000979
A001006 Motzkin numbers Theodore Motzkin
A001008 Wolstenholme numbers Joseph Wolstenholme also A007406, A007408, A088164, A119621
A001013 Jordan-Polya numbers George Pólya and Camille Jordan
A001045 Jacobsthal sequence Ernst Jacobsthal also A048669, A048670
A001190 Wedderburn-Etherington numbers Joseph Wedderburn and Ivor Malcolm Haddon Etherington
A001220 Wieferich primes Arthur Wieferich
A001286 Lah numbers Ivo Lah also A001754, A001755, A001777, A001778, A111597, A111598, A111599, A111600
A001316 Gould's sequence Henry W. Gould
A001348 Mersenne numbers Marin Mersenne
A001462 Golomb's sequence Solomon W. Golomb
A001608 Perrin sequence François Olivier Raoul Perrin
A001620 Euler-Mascheroni constant Leonhard Euler and Lorenzo Mascheroni
A002004 Davenport-Schinzel numbers Harold Davenport and Andrzej Schinzel also A005004, A005005, A005006, A005280, A005281
A002034 Kempner numbers Aubrey J. Kempner
A002064 Cullen numbers James Cullen
A002068 Wilson remainders John Wilson also A007540, A007619, A157250
A002083 Narayana-Zidek-Capell numbers Tadepalli Venkata Narayana, James Victor Zidek, and P. Capell
A002210 Khintchine's constant Aleksandr Khinchin
A002216 Harary-Read numbers Frank Harary and Ronald C. Read
A002315 NSW numbers Morris Newman, Daniel Shanks and Hugh C. Williams also A088165
A002321 Mertens' function Franz Mertens
A002487 Stern's diatomic sequence Moritz Abraham Stern also A005230, A042978
A002661 Least integer having Radon random number n Johann Radon also A101119, A209675
A002736 Apéry numbers Roger Apéry also A005258, A005429, A005430 note A002117 is officially zeta(3) rather than Apéry's constant in the OEIS
A002858 Ulam numbers Stanislaw Ulam
A002895 Domb numbers Cyril Domb
A002954 Smallest number such that n-th iterate of Chowla function is 0 Sarvadaman Chowla also A048050, A054013, A054014, A054015, A054017, A054020, A054021, A054022, A054023, etc.
A002997 Carmichael numbers Robert Daniel Carmichael
A003136 Loeschian numbers August Lösch
A003173 Heegner numbers Kurt Heegner
A003261 Woodall (or Riesel) numbers H. J. Woodall or Hans Riesel also A050918
A003278 Szekeres's sequence George Szekeres
A003458 Erdős-Selfridge function Paul Erdős and John Selfridge
A003484 Radon function, also called Hurwitz-Radon numbers Johann Radon and Adolf Hurwitz also A003485, A034584
A003957 Dottie number Dottie
A004231 Ackermann's sequence Wilhelm Ackermann also A143796
A005044 Alcuin's sequence Alcuin of York
A005130 Robbins numbers David P. Robbins
A005132 Recamán's sequence Bernardo Recamán Santos
A005235 Fortunate numbers Reo Fortune
A005282 Mian-Chowla sequence Abdul Majid Mian and Sarvadaman Chowla
A006255 Ron Graham's sequence Ronald Graham
A006509 Cald's sequence Francis Cald
A006720 Somos-4 sequence Michael Somos many others
A006752 Catalan's constant Eugène Charles Catalan
A007318 Pascal's triangle read by rows Blaise Pascal many others
A007434 Jordan function J_2(n) Camille Jordan also A059376, A059377, A059378, A059387, A069091, A069092, A069093, A069094, A069095
A007458 Order of group of n X n X n Rubik cube Ernő Rubik many others
A007459 Higgs' primes Denis Higgs
A007850 Giuga numbers Giuseppe Giuga
A008301 Poupard's triangle Christiane Poupard
A008302 Triangle of Mahonian numbers Percy Alexander MacMahon
A008683 Möbius function mu(n) August Ferdinand Möbius many others
A000931 Padovan sequence Richard Padovan
A014586 Nim-Grundy function Patrick Michael Grundy also A019307, A019591, A033623, A036685, A036686, A054043, A054044, A054045, A054046, A069001, etc.
A016014 Proth numbers François Proth also A080076
A016105 Blum numbers Manuel Blum
A018804 Pillai's arithmetical function Subbayya Sivasankaranarayana Pillai also A066352, A063980
A022493 Fishburn numbers Peter C. Fishburn
A033548 Honaker primes G. L. Honaker, Jr.
A037077 MRB constant Marvin Ray Burns also A160755, A173273
A038219 Ehrenfeucht-Mycielski sequence Andrzej Ehrenfeucht and Jan Mycielski
A047812 Parker's partition triangle E. T. Parker
A048736 Dana Scott's sequence Dana Scott
A048992 Hannah Rollman's numbers Hannah Rollman
A051015 Zeisel numbers Helmut Zeisel
A051254 Mills primes William H. Mills
A052427 Baxter-Hickerson numbers Dean Robert Hickerson and Lew Baxter
A053012 Platonic numbers Plato
A054639 Queneau numbers Raymond Queneau
A057588 Kummer numbers Ernst Kummer
A059756 Erdos-Woods numbers Paul Erdős and Alan Robert Woods
A060941 Duchon's numbers Philippe Duchon
A061783 Luhn primes Hans Peter Luhn
A063170 Schenker sums with n-th term Hank Schenker also A219546
A064152 Erdos primes Paul Erdős
A071336 Number of vertices of Goldberg-Casper-Klug pseudo-icosahedra Michael Goldberg, Donald Casper, and Aaron Klug
A074962 Glaisher-Kinkelin constant James Whitbread Lee Glaisher and Hermann Kinkelin
A076046 Ramanujan-Nagell numbers Srinivasa Ramanujan and Trygve Nagell
A076337 Riesel numbers Hans Riesel
A076847 Ramanujan function tau(p) Srinivasa Ramanujan many others
A076980 Leyland numbers Paul Leyland also A094133
A080262 Cunningham numbers Allan Joseph Champneys Cunningham
A083207 Zumkeller numbers Reinhard Zumkeller
A086886 Ljungstrand's sequence Erik Ljungstrand
A090822 Gijswijt's sequence Dion C. Gijswijt
A091522 A Graham-Pollak sequence Ronald Graham and Henry O. Pollak Also A091523, A091524, A100671, A100673; note that A001521, "the" Graham-Pollak sequence, is not called the Graham-Pollak sequence in the OEIS
A099054 Arshon's sequence S. E. Arshon
A104016 Devaraj numbers Agaram Kandadai Devaraj
A106108 Rowland's prime-generating sequence Eric S. Rowland
A109611 Chen primes Chen Jingrun
A115569 Lynch-Bell numbers Stephen Lynch and Andrew Bell
A118227 Cahen's constant Eugène Cahen
A125143 Almkvist-Zudilin numbers Gert Almkvist and Wadim Zudilin
A135529 Guy Steele's sequence GS(4,5) Guy L. Steele Jr. also A135533, A135542
A143797 Ackermann-Buck function Wilhelm Ackermann and Robert Creighton Buck
A158079 Marcus Du Sautoy's sequences of symmetries Marcus du Sautoy
A163973 Van der Pauw's constant Leo J. van der Pauw
A165255 Solinas primes Jerome A. Solinas
A167268 Janet's sequence Charles Janet
A177143 Pasquale's sequence Pasquale Malpeso
A177834 Opmanis's sequence Mārtiņš Opmanis
A177865 Polya-Vinogradov numbers George Pólya and Ivan Matveyevich Vinogradov (Ива́н Матве́евич Виногра́дов)
A180874 Lassalle's sequence Michel Lassalle
A181391 Van Eck's sequence Jan Ritsema van Eck
A182523 Rademacher's sequence Hans Rademacher
A185086 Fouvry-Iwaniec primes Étienne Fouvry and Henryk Iwaniec
A185311 Keränen's abelian squarefree endomorphism of size 85 Veikko Keränen also A185312
A187595 Bernoulli-Kervaire-Milnor numbers Jacob Bernoulli, Michel Kervaire, and John Milnor (the latter two as discoverers)
A194472 Erdős-Nicolas numbers Paul Erdős and Jean-Louis Nicolas
A197630 Lerch quotients of odd primes Mathias Lerch also A197631, A197632
A200216 Danilov's sequence L. V. Danilov (Л. В. Данилов) also A200217 and A200218
A216868 Nicolas's sequence Jean-Louis Nicolas also A218245
A221286 Vsemirnov's sequence Maxim Vsemirnov
A224749 Vauban's sequence Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban
A226898 Hooley's Delta function Christopher Hooley
A226903 Shiraishi numbers Shiraishi Nagatada (白石 長忠; Shiraishi Chochu)
A242679 Bobo numbers E. Ray Bobo
A249357 Fibonacci-Zumkeller numbers Reinhard Zumkeller and Fibonacci (the former as discoverer)
A256627 Moessner's magic square Alfred Moessner
A258117 The Heinz numbers Alois P. Heinz
A259679 Lampard's constant Doug G. Lampard
A261532 Hall's sequence James S. Hall
A263883 Ivanov's number Oleg A. Ivanov
A268642 Seelmann's sequence David Seelmann
A273774 Jevon's number William Stanley Jevons
A274628 Nathanson's orphan-counting function Melvyn B. Nathanson
A330503 Number of Sós permutations Vera T. Sós

Named after earlier researcher

This is a list of sequences named after an earlier researcher or researchers who inspired the sequence with related work.

Sequence Name Named for Notes
A002144 Pythagorean primes Pythagoras of Samos
A003575 Dowling numbers T. A. Dowling also A003576, A003577, A003578, A003579, A003580, A003581, A003582, A007405
A004002 Benford numbers Frank Benford
A006862 Euclid numbers Euclid
A006890 Feigenbaum bifurcation velocity Mitchell Feigenbaum
A006972 Lucas-Carmichael numbers Édouard Lucas and Robert Daniel Carmichael
A006992 Bertrand primes Joseph Louis François Bertrand
A118327 Khinchin primes Aleksandr Khinchin
A120847 Klarner-Rado primes David A. Klarner and Richard Rado
A014551 Jacobsthal-Lucas numbers Ernst Jacobsthal and Édouard Lucas
A053341 Euclid-Pocklington primes Euclid and Henry Cabourn Pocklington
A066413 Eisenstein-Mersenne primes Gotthold Eisenstein and Marin Mersenne
A101624 Stern-Jacobsthal numbers Moritz Abraham Stern and Ernst Jacobsthal
A174429 Collatz-Fibonacci numbers Lothar Collatz and Fibonacci
A176942 Champernowne primes D. G. Champernowne
A182300 Gaussian-Mersenne primes Carl Friedrich Gauss and Marin Mersenne
A196230 Euler primes Leonhard Euler
A262961 Crandall numbers Richard Crandall

Named after others

This is a list of sequences named after someone unrelated to the work, but also not a friend or relative of a discoverer.

Sequence Name Named for Notes
A006145 Ruth-Aaron numbers Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron also A006146, A039752

Named after place, legend, etc.

This is a list of sequences not named after people, or after fictional or legendary people, but with the potential for confusion.

Sequence Name Named for Notes
A006345 Linus sequence Linus van Pelt named by Nathaniel Hellerstein
A006346 Sally sequence Sally Brown named by Nathaniel Hellerstein
A072274 Ormiston prime pairs Ormiston College named by Andy Edwards ("for want of a better name") when teaching there
A101110 First Beale cipher Thomas J. Beale (see Beale ciphers) also A101111, A101112
A174541 Baron Munchhausen's sequence Baron Munchhausen also A166623, A186313
A255899 Mrs. Miniver's constant Mrs. Miniver (see Mrs. Miniver's problem)
A256060 Queen Dido's puzzle Dido of Carthage
A256590 Base-2 Reacher numbers Jack Reacher named by Jeffrey Shallit
A277402 3-Portolan numbers portolan charts named by Ethan Beihl


This is a list of sequences apparently named after themselves by a discoverer. Usually these names are not appropriate for the OEIS. (These sequences, being in the OEIS, are presumably exceptions.) Many of these sequences are recreational mathematics.

Sequence Name Named for Notes
A001101 Moran numbers Bill Moran
A003624 Duffinian numbers L. Richard Duffy
A006886 Kaprekar numbers Dattaraya Ramchandra Kaprekar
A019518 Smarandache-Wellin numbers Florentin Smarandache and Paul R. Wellin
A035312 Zorach additive triangle Alex Zorach
A036057 Friedman numbers Erich Friedman
A064164 EHS numbers Paul Erdős, George E. Hardy, and Mathukumalli V. Subbarao
A106007 Coster numbers Matthijs Coster
A247698 Brady numbers Brady Haran

This is a list of sequences apparently named after family members, friends, etc. Usually these names are not appropriate for the OEIS. (These sequences, being in the OEIS, are presumably exceptions.)

Former examples

This is a list of sequences formerly named after family members, friends, etc.


I don't know who discovered or named these sequences.

  • A002515 Lucasian primes
  • A048992 Hannah Rollman's numbers (possibly named by the OEIS contributor, Bernardo Recamán)
  • A125138 Smarandache-Wagstaff function