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I graduated from Oregon State University in June 2014 with a B.S. in Mathematics. From December 2014 until August 2017, I worked as a back end web engineer at a health technology company. In August 2017 I started a Ph.D. program at the University of Southern California.

Most of the scripts that I have written to generate OEIS sequences can be found on my OEIS Github Repository. I work mostly in Haskell.

Feel free to contact me at or on LinkedIn.

Polyhedra in lattices

square grid rectangular grid cubic grid triangular grid centered hexagonal grid tetrahedral grid
equilateral triangle A102698 A000332 A334581
square A002415 A130684 A334881 A334891
triangle A241223
obtuse triangle A190020 A241226
acute triangle A190019 A241224
right triangle A077435 A241225
right isosceles triangle A187452 A272626
isosceles triangle A186434 A271910 A241228
obtuse isosceles A190318 A272624 A241230
acute isosceles A190317 A272625 A241229
scalene triangle A190312 A241227
concave quadrilateral A189412
convex quadrilateral A189413
quadrilateral A189414
trapezoid A189415
parallelogram A189416
kite A189417
rhombi A189418
rectangles A085582
regular hexagons A002417
regular tetrahedra A103158 A269747