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User:Jason Kimberley/C k-reg girth ge g index

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girth C D E
Cge Dge Ege
Ceq Deq Eeq

Index of sequences counting connected k-regular simple graphs with girth at least g

wiki A185131 A184941 A184951 A184961 A184971 A184981 A184991
\ 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
3 A068934 A005177 3 A179184 A002851 A006820 A006821 A006822 A014377 A014378 A014381 A014382 A014384
4 A186714 A186724 4 A185114 A014371 A033886 A058275 A058276 A181153 A181154 A181170
5 A186715 A186725 5 A185115 A014372 A058343 A205295
6 A186716 A186726 6 A185116 A014374 A058348
7 A186717 A186727 7 A185117 A014375
8 A186718 A186728 8 A185118 A014376
A186719 A186729 9 A185119 A210709

A185131 is also tabulated by House of Graphs.

See also the Magma code of this index.