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A093388 (n+1)^2*a(n+1) = (17n^2+17n+6)*a(n) - 72*n^2*a(n-1). 47
1, 6, 42, 312, 2394, 18756, 149136, 1199232, 9729882, 79527084, 654089292, 5408896752, 44941609584, 375002110944, 3141107339328, 26402533581312, 222635989516122, 1882882811380284, 15967419789558804, 135752058036988848, 1156869080242393644 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



This is the Taylor expansion of a special point on a curve described by Beauville.

This is one of the Apery-like sequences - see Cross-references. - Hugo Pfoertner, Aug 06 2017


Matthijs Coster, Over 6 families van krommen [On 6 families of curves], Master's Thesis (unpublished), Aug 26 1983.


Seiichi Manyama, Table of n, a(n) for n = 0..1050 (terms 0..200 from Vincenzo Librandi)

Arnaud Beauville, Les familles stables de courbes sur P_1 admettant quatre fibres singulières, Comptes Rendus, Académie Sciences Paris, no. 294, May 24 1982.

Jonathan M. Borwein, Dirk Nuyens, Armin Straub and James Wan, Some Arithmetic Properties of Short Random Walk Integrals, May 2011.

Matthijs Coster, Sequences

Robert S. Maier, On Rationally Parametrized Modular Equations, arXiv:math/0611041 [math.NT], 2006.

Amita Malik and Armin Straub, Divisibility properties of sporadic Apéry-like numbers, Research in Number Theory, 2016, 2:5

Armin Straub, Arithmetic aspects of random walks and methods in definite integration, Ph. D. Dissertation, School Of Science And Engineering, Tulane University, 2012. - From N. J. A. Sloane, Dec 16 2012

Zhi-Hong Sun, Congruences for Apéry-like numbers, arXiv:1803.10051 [math.NT], 2018.

Zhi-Hong Sun, New congruences involving Apéry-like numbers, arXiv:2004.07172 [math.NT], 2020.

H. Verrill, Some congruences related to modular forms, Section 2.2.

D. Zagier, Integral solutions of Apery-like recurrence equations. See line F in sporadic solutions table of page 5.


a(n) = (-1)^n * Sum_{k=0..n} binomial(n, k) * (-8)^k * Sum_{j=0..n-k} binomial(n-k, j)^3. - Helena Verrill (verrill(AT)math.lsu.edu), Aug 09 2004

G.f.: hypergeom([1/3, 2/3],[1],x^2*(8*x-1)/(2*x-1/3)^3)/(1-6*x). - Mark van Hoeij, Oct 25 2011

a(n) ~ 3^(2*n+3/2)/(Pi*n). - Vaclav Kotesovec, Oct 14 2012

G.f. A(x) satisfies: 0 = x*(x+8)*(x+9)*y'' + (3*x^2 + 34*x + 72)*y' + (x+6)*y, where y(x) = A(-x/72). - Gheorghe Coserea, Aug 26 2016


A(x) = 1 + 6*x + 42*x^2 + 312*x^3 + 2394*x^4 + 18756*x^5 + ... is the g.f.


f:=proc(n) option remember; local m; if n=0 then RETURN(1); fi; if n=1 then RETURN(6); fi; m:=n-1; ((17*m^2+17*m+6)*f(n-1)-72*m^2*f(n-2))/n^2; end;


Table[(-1)^n*Sum[Binomial[n, k]*(-8)^k*Sum[Binomial[n-k, j]^3, {j, 0, n-k}], {k, 0, n}], {n, 0, 20}] (* Vaclav Kotesovec, Oct 14 2012 *)


(PARI) a(n)=(-1)^n*sum(k=0, n, binomial(n, k)*(-8)^k*sum(j=0, n-k, binomial(n-k, j)^3));


seq(N) = {

  my(a = vector(N)); a[1] = 6; a[2] = 42;

  for (n=3, N, a[n] = ((17*n^2 - 17*n + 6)*a[n-1] - 72*(n-1)^2*a[n-2])/n^2);

  concat(1, a);


seq(20)  \\ Gheorghe Coserea, Aug 26 2016


This is the seventh sequence in the family beginning A002894, A006077, A081085, A005258, A000172, A002893.

Cf. A091401.

The Apéry-like numbers [or Apéry-like sequences, Apery-like numbers, Apery-like sequences] include A000172, A000984, A002893, A002895, A005258, A005259, A005260, A006077, A036917, A063007, A081085, A093388, A125143 (apart from signs), A143003, A143007, A143413, A143414, A143415, A143583, A183204, A214262, A219692,A226535, A227216, A227454, A229111 (apart from signs), A260667, A260832, A262177, A264541, A264542, A279619, A290575, A290576. (The term "Apery-like" is not well-defined.)

For primes that do not divide the terms of the sequences A000172, A005258, A002893, A081085, A006077, A093388, A125143, A229111, A002895, A290575, A290576, A005259 see A260793, A291275-A291284 and A133370 respectively.

Sequence in context: A299916 A091164 A004982 * A162968 A247638 A034171

Adjacent sequences:  A093385 A093386 A093387 * A093389 A093390 A093391




Matthijs Coster, Apr 29 2004



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