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(Greetings from The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences!)

The OEIS Community


Neil J. A. Sloane started collecting sequences in 1964, exactly fifty years ago.
During these years, probably ten thousand people have contributed in one way or another to the database.
Although it is impossible to thank them individually, this page serves to list a selection of names,
especially people who are active in the OEIS community today.

The People Who Keep the OEIS Web Site Running

Special thanks to Russ Cox, who essentially wrote all the software that makes the OEIS work so well, and
David Applegate, the webmaster in charge of day-to-day operations.

Thanks also to Simon Plouffe, coauthor of the Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences (Academic Press, 1995),
who helped NJAS set up the initial version of the On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences in 1996.

Some of the Main Contributors

Between 1996 and 2010 nearly 6000 people sent in new sequences and updates to the OEIS when it was on NJAS's home page at AT&T.
Since 2010 when it became a wiki, over 3000 people have registered with the OEIS.
The following is obviously only a fraction of them, listing just a few of the main contributors.
The full list of currently registered users can be seen here.

    Franklin T. Adams-Watters     Gary W. Adamson     Max Alekseyev     Eric_Angelini     Mohammad K. Azarian
    Roger L. Bagula     Paul Barry     Mira Bernstein     Henry Bottomley     Christian G. Bower     Ray Chandler
    Benoit Cloitre     Patrick De Geest     Philippe Deléham     Emeric Deutsch     Farideh Firoozbakht
    Olivier Gérard     Charles R Greathouse IV     R. K. Guy     Paul D. Hanna     R. H. Hardin     M. F. Hasler     Alois P. Heinz
    Artur Jasinski     Vladeta Jovovic     Antti Karttunen     Clark Kimberling     Labos Elemer     Wolfdieter Lang
    Marc LeBrun     Vincenzo Librandi     Peter Luschny     R. J. Mathar     Wouter Meeussen     Amarnath Murthy
    T. D. Noe     Simon Plouffe     Omar E. Pol     Jonathan Vos Post     Leroy Quet     John Riordan
    Robert W. Robinson     Zak Seidov     Jeffrey Shallit     N. J. A. Sloane     Michael Somos     Ralf Stephan
    Zhi-Wei Sun     Eric W. Weisstein     David W. Wilson     Robert G. Wilson v     Reinhard Zumkeller

The Principal Editors

The work of processing submissions to the OEIS is carried out on a voluntary basis by a group of
dedicated and unpaid Editors-in-Chief and Associate Editors.
This is very hard and time-consuming work (as NJAS knows only too well,
having handled the first 180000 sequences himself)
but the reward comes from seeing the creation of a beautiful new entry.
And, often enough, from discovering a new sequence that one spends a day or six months thinking about (that is the real reward!).

The following are some of the most active current (or recently current) editors.

    Max Alekseyev     Joerg Arndt     Bruno Berselli     Ray Chandler     Harvey Dale
    Olivier Gérard     Charles R Greathouse IV     Paul D. Hanna     M. F. Hasler     Alois P. Heinz
    Robert Israel     Donovan Johnson     Nathaniel Johnston     Vaclav Kotesovec     Michel Marcus
    R. J. Mathar     Robert Munafo     T. D. Noe     Giovanni Resta     N. J. A. Sloane
    Michael Somos     Ralf Stephan     David W. Wilson     Robert G. Wilson v     Reinhard Zumkeller

The Sequence Fans Mailing List

The main mechanism for keeping in touch with members of the OEIS community is the
Sequence Fans Mailing List, moderated by Olivier Gérard.
This is the place to ask for help in calculating a sequence or finding a formula, reporting troubles with the web site, etc.

The Board of Trustees of the OEIS Foundation

As of February 7 2014, there are eleven (unpaid) trustees.

David Applegate (Vice-President)     Ray Chandler (Treasurer)     Russ Cox     Susanna Cuyler (Secretary)
    Tom Duff     Ronald L. Graham     Charles R Greathouse IV     R. K. Guy
    Marc LeBrun     Robert Munafo     Simon Plouffe     N. J. A. Sloane (President)

The OEIS Foundation Advisory Board

As of Jan 31, 2014, the Advisory Board has the following members. The advisors also do not receive a salary.

    Harvey Dale     David S. Johnson     Hilarie Orman (ombudsman)     Richard Stanley     Doron Zeilberger

Written by N. J. A. Sloane, Feb 01 2014; updated Feb 24 2014.

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