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Born in Kansas City, raised in Kansas. B.S. Physics, University of Kansas (2010). M.S. Physics, University of Arkansas (2015). Currently working on a PhD regarding energy surface methods for oscillations and rotations, see below for subject classification. Latest Accomplishment: Satisfactory Measurement of Three Elliptic K Expansion Coefficients . 1000 mile runner in 2016.

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Example Calculations

Current Subject Interests

  • Physics
    • Classical Mechanics
      • Plane and Spherical Pendulum (Ex. A273506 )
      • General Anharmonic Oscillations (Ex. A276816 )
      • Free Rotations
      • Celestial Mechanics (Ex. A276817 )
    • Quantum Mechanics
      • Atomic & Molecular Physics (Ex. ?later )
  • Mathematics
    • Algebra
      • Molien Sequence (Ex. ?later )
    • Function Theory
      • n-spherical Expansions (Ex. ?later )
        • n=2, Fourier Series
        • n=3, Spherical Harmonics
      • Elliptic Functions (Ex. ?later )
  • Computer Science