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A005901 Number of points on surface of cuboctahedron (or icosahedron): a(0) = 1; for n > 0, a(n) = 10n^2 + 2. Also coordination sequence for f.c.c. or A_3 or D_3 lattice.
(Formerly M4834)
1, 12, 42, 92, 162, 252, 362, 492, 642, 812, 1002, 1212, 1442, 1692, 1962, 2252, 2562, 2892, 3242, 3612, 4002, 4412, 4842, 5292, 5762, 6252, 6762, 7292, 7842, 8412, 9002, 9612, 10242, 10892, 11562, 12252, 12962, 13692, 14442, 15212, 16002 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



Sequence found by reading the segment (1, 12) together with the line from 12, in the direction 12, 42, ..., in the square spiral whose vertices are the generalized heptagonal numbers A085787. - Omar E. Pol, Jul 18 2012


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Index entries for sequences related to f.c.c. lattice

Index entries for linear recurrences with constant coefficients, signature (3, -3, 1).


G.f.: (1+x)(1+8*x+x^2)/(1-x)^3. - Simon Plouffe in his 1992 dissertation

G.f. for coordination sequence for A_n lattice is Sum(binomial(n, i)^2*z^i, i=0..n)/(1-z)^n. [Bacher et al.]

a(n+1) = A027599(n+2) + A092277(n+1) - Creighton Dement, Feb 11 2005

a(n) = 2 + A033583(n), n >= 1. - Omar E. Pol, Jul 18 2012

a(n) = 12 + 24*(n-1) + 8*A000217(n-2) + 6*A000290(n-1). The properties of the cuboctahedron, namely, its number of vertices (12), edges (24), and faces as well as face-type (8 triangles and 6 squares), are involved in this formula. - Peter M. Chema, Mar 26 2017

a(n) = A062786(n)+A062786(n+1). - R. J. Mathar, Feb 28 2018


Join[{1}, 10*Range[40]^2+2] (* or *) Join[{1}, LinearRecurrence[{3, -3, 1}, {12, 42, 92}, 40]] (* Harvey P. Dale, May 28 2014 *)


(PARI) a(n)=if(n<0, 0, 10*n^2+1+(n>0))


Cf. A004015, A206399.

Partial sums give A005902.

The 28 uniform 3D tilings: cab: A299266, A299267; crs: A299268, A299269; fcu: A005901, A005902; fee: A299259, A299265; flu-e: A299272, A299273; fst: A299258, A299264; hal: A299274, A299275; hcp: A007899, A007202; hex: A005897, A005898; kag: A299256, A299262; lta: A008137, A299276; pcu: A005899, A001845; pcu-i: A299277, A299278; reo: A299279, A299280; reo-e:  A299281, A299282; rho: A008137, A299276; sod: A005893, A005894; sve: A299255, A299261; svh: A299283, A299284; svj: A299254, A299260; svk: A010001, A063489; tca: A299285, A299286; tcd: A299287, A299288; tfs: A005899, A001845; tsi: A299289, A299290; ttw: A299257, A299263; ubt: A299291, A299292; bnn: A007899, A007202. See the Proserpio link in A299266 for overview.

Sequence in context: A282693 A045945 A210206 * A090554 A009948 A193068

Adjacent sequences:  A005898 A005899 A005900 * A005902 A005903 A005904




N. J. A. Sloane, R. Vaughan



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