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My "citations in sequences" intersects with the more recent "Revisions by Jason Kimberley".


My User Subpages

Jason KimberleyJason Kimberley/A002822Jason Kimberley/A047160
Jason Kimberley/A051031Jason Kimberley/A060408Jason Kimberley/A061422
Jason Kimberley/A068933Jason Kimberley/A068934Jason Kimberley/A082467
Jason Kimberley/A167625Jason Kimberley/A185184Jason Kimberley/Beatty quadratic
Jason Kimberley/CDEall6Jason Kimberley/CDEge eqJason Kimberley/C girth ge 4
Jason Kimberley/C girth ge 5Jason Kimberley/C girth ge 6Jason Kimberley/C girth ge 7
Jason Kimberley/C girth ge 8Jason Kimberley/C k-reg girth eq g indexJason Kimberley/C k-reg girth ge g index
Jason Kimberley/D girth ge 4Jason Kimberley/D girth ge 5Jason Kimberley/D girth ge 6
Jason Kimberley/D k-reg girth eq g indexJason Kimberley/D k-reg girth ge g indexJason Kimberley/E girth ge 4
Jason Kimberley/E k-reg girth eq g indexJason Kimberley/E k-reg girth ge g indexJason Kimberley/Moore bound
Jason Kimberley/OmegaJason Kimberley/base4digitsJason Kimberley/lattice numerology
Jason Kimberley/magmaJason Kimberley/magma/Cge gknJason Kimberley/magma/Dge gkn
Jason Kimberley/magma/Ege gknJason Kimberley/regular graphs indexJason Kimberley/sand
Jason Kimberley/sqrt baseJason Kimberley/test

Sequences to edit

Regular Graph Counting

Example tables required for: A186715 (has one in wiki), A177741, A068934 (has one in wiki), A068934 (has one in wiki), A051031, A068933.

Comma and semicolon format needs adding to: A185204, A059841.

Use my allocated sequence numbers.

New sequences: rows 4 to 12 (known longer than intersection with the fully known anti-diagonals) of the square array A167625.

Append terms to sequences counting regular: simple graphs A014382, A165626, A165655, A068933, A068934, A051031, A033886, A058275; multigraphs (SSSS) A129431, A005967, A129430, A129432, A129434, A129436.

Vertex labeled regular multigraphs with loops allowed (ESSS): comment that A006003 appears to also be the number of 2n-regular multigraphs on 3 vertices with loops allowed.

Comment on (and make cross-references): A002623, A008619.

Sort out the relationship between A059441 and columns: A002829 and A005815.

Prime Divisors

Make cross-references amongst sequences that list record runs in, or are subsequences of, A001221 (the number of distinct prime divisors of n): A007304, A046386, A046388, A046389, A046800, A048692, A048932, A059958, A064708, A064709, A067024, A072664, A072664, A079482, A080569, A086560, A087977, A087978, A093548, A138206, A138207, A140078, A140079, A154573. Check the results of this search and that search.


I have written Magma code for the Euler_transformation.

Vertex labeled regular multigraphs with loops allowed (ESSS): have corrected the definition of A005816 to be for multigraphs.

Made user subpages using the wikified versions of File:CDE

Moved regular multigraphs, with loops allowed, table to User:Jason Kimberley/A167625 and converted to wiki. Submitted link from seq. page. Reported my search range for Palindromic Fibonacci numbers.

Appended terms to: A165627, A165656, A033483. Someone else appended terms to: A033301.

Other to do

Ensure that I have used the style from Style_Sheet#Style_sheet_for_contributors_to_OEIS_Wiki in my tables.

Contribute to House of Graphs the hard to compute non-cubic graphs when the number per case is small.

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