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A001117 a(n) = 3^n - 3*2^n + 3.
(Formerly M4219 N1763)
1, 0, 0, 6, 36, 150, 540, 1806, 5796, 18150, 55980, 171006, 519156, 1569750, 4733820, 14250606, 42850116, 128746950, 386634060, 1160688606, 3483638676, 10454061750, 31368476700, 94118013006, 282379204836, 847187946150, 2541664501740, 7625194831806 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



Differences of 0. Labeled ordered partitions into 3 parts.

Number of surjections from an n-element set onto a three-element set, with n >= 3. - Mohamed Bouhamida, Dec 15 2007

Let P(A) be the power set of an n-element set A and R be a relation on P(A) such that for all x, y of P(A), xRy if either 0) x is not a subset of y and y is not a subset of x and x and y are disjoint, or 1) x is a proper subset of y or y is a proper subset of x and x and y are intersecting. Then a(n+1) = |R|. - Ross La Haye, Mar 19 2009

For n>0, the number of rows of n colors using exactly three colors. For n=3, the six rows are ABC, ACB, BAC, BCA, CAB, and CBA. - Robert A. Russell, Sep 25 2018


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Index entries for linear recurrences with constant coefficients, signature (6,-11,6).


a(n) = 3!*S(n, 3).

E.g.f.: (exp(x)-1)^3.

For n>=3: a(n+1) = 3*a(n) + 3*(2^n - 2) = 3*a(n) + 3*A000918(n). - Geoffrey Critzer, Feb 27 2009

G.f.: (-1-11*x^2+6*x)/((x-1)*(3*x-1)*(2*x-1)). - Maksym Voznyy (voznyy(AT)mail.ru), Jul 26 2009


with(combstruct):ZL:=[S, {S=Sequence(U, card=r), U=Set(Z, card>=1)}, labeled]: seq(count(subs(r=3, ZL), size=m), m=0..25); # Zerinvary Lajos, Mar 09 2007

A001117:=-6/(z-1)/(3*z-1)/(2*z-1); # Conjectured by Simon Plouffe in his 1992 dissertation. Gives sequence except for three leading terms.


k=3; Prepend[Table[k!StirlingS2[n, k], {n, 1, 30}], 1] (* Robert A. Russell, Sep 25 2018 *)


(PARI) a(n)=3^n-3*2^n+3 \\ Charles R Greathouse IV, Sep 24 2015


Cf. A000919, A001118.

Column 3 of A019538 (n>0).

Sequence in context: A223841 A210322 A056268 * A353664 A353774 A357010

Adjacent sequences: A001114 A001115 A001116 * A001118 A001119 A001120




N. J. A. Sloane


Extended with formula and alternate description by Christian G. Bower, Aug 15 1998

Simpler description from Dan Fux (dan.fux(AT)OpenGaia.com or danfux(AT)OpenGaia.com), Apr 07 2001



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