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In a Nutshell

I am an inventor, mathematician, and musician. I have six U.S. patents and have published numerous journal articles related to number theory and the fractal geometry of music. For six years I had the pleasure of working with Benoit Mandelbrot and Michael Frame at the Yale Fractal Geometry Workshops. I am also the founder of Brothers Technology, LLC.

More information: C.V.

Sequences Authored

A141052 A178821 A168510 A178822 A178819 A191510 A178820

Sequences Contributed To

A000012     A010060 A008290     A122843 A001142     A064881

Other Sequences Citing My Work

A000897 A000984 A001787 A001788 A001789 A003472 A003506 A006480 A008311 A013609 A014062 A037027 A046092 A059304 A060539 A063007 A069720 A069723 A100257 A104684 A111130 A113424 A130809

OEIS & Mathematica

Here is a Mathematica notebook that allows you to specify a sequence and automatically import a detailed list of matching entries from the OEIS. It is annotated and uses a package by Enrique Pérez Herrero:

Scrape the OEIS with Mathematica