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A014371 Number of trivalent connected simple graphs with 2n nodes and girth at least 4. 27
1, 0, 0, 1, 2, 6, 22, 110, 792, 7805, 97546, 1435720, 23780814, 432757568, 8542471494, 181492137812, 4127077143862 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



The null graph on 0 vertices is vacuously connected and 3-regular; since it is acyclic, it has infinite girth. [Jason Kimberley, Jan 29 2011]


CRC Handbook of Combinatorial Designs, 1996, p. 647.


Table of n, a(n) for n=0..16.

G. Brinkmann, J. Goedgebeur and B. D. McKay, Generation of Cubic graphs, Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science, 13 (2) (2011), 69-80. (hal-00990486)

House of Graphs, Cubic graphs.

Jason Kimberley, Connected regular graphs with girth at least 4

Jason Kimberley, Index of sequences counting connected k-regular simple graphs with girth at least g

M. Meringer, Tables of Regular Graphs.

M. Meringer, Fast generation of regular graphs and construction of cages, J. Graph Theory 30 (2) (1999) 137-146.


A[s_Integer] := With[{s6 = StringPadLeft[ToString[s], 6, "0"]}, Cases[ Import["https://oeis.org/A" <> s6 <> "/b" <> s6 <> ".txt", "Table"], {_, _}][[All, 2]]];

A002851 = A@002851;

A006923 = A@006923;

a[n_] := A002851[[n + 1]] - A006923[[n + 1]];

a /@ Range[0, 16] (* Jean-Fran├žois Alcover, Jan 27 2020 *)


Contribution from Jason Kimberley, Jun 28 2010 and Jan 29 2011: (Start)

3-regular simple graphs with girth at least 4: this sequence (connected), A185234 (disconnected), A185334 (not necessarily connected).

Connected k-regular simple graphs with girth at least 4: A186724 (any k), A186714 (triangle); specified degree k: A185114 (k=2), this sequence (k=3), A033886 (k=4), A058275 (k=5), A058276 (k=6), A181153 (k=7), A181154 (k=8), A181170 (k=9).

Connected 3-regular simple graphs with girth at least g: A185131 (triangle); chosen g: A002851 (g=3), this sequence (g=4), A014372 (g=5), A014374 (g=6), A014375 (g=7), A014376 (g=8).

Connected 3-regular simple graphs with girth exactly g: A198303 (triangle); chosen g: A006923 (g=3), A006924 (g=4), A006925 (g=5), A006926 (g=6), A006927 (g=7). (End)

Sequence in context: A216720 A174074 A290279 * A111280 A095817 A352413

Adjacent sequences:  A014368 A014369 A014370 * A014372 A014373 A014374




N. J. A. Sloane


Terms a(14) and a(15) appended, from running Meringer's GENREG for 4.2 and 93.2 processor days at U. Newcastle, by Jason Kimberley on Jun 28 2010.

a(16), from House of Graphs, by Jan Goedgebeur et al., added by Jason Kimberley, Feb 15 2011]



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