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A006300 Number of rooted maps with n edges on torus.
(Formerly M5097)
1, 20, 307, 4280, 56914, 736568, 9370183, 117822512, 1469283166, 18210135416, 224636864830, 2760899996816, 33833099832484, 413610917006000, 5046403030066927, 61468359153954656, 747672504476150374, 9083423595292949240, 110239596847544663002, 1336700736225591436496, 16195256987701502444284 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



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G.f.: (R-1)^2/(12*R^2*(R+2)) where R=sqrt(1-12*x); a(n) is asymptotic to 12^n/24. - Pab Ter (pabrlos2(AT)yahoo.com), Nov 07 2005

a(n) = sum_{k=0..n-2} 2^(n-3-k)*(3^(n-1)-3^k)*binomial(n+k,k). - Ruperto Corso, Dec 18 2011

D-finite with recurrence: n*a(n) +22*(-n+1)*a(n-1) +4*(22*n-65)*a(n-2) +96*(5*n-4)*a(n-3) +576*(-2*n+7)*a(n-4)=0. - R. J. Mathar, Feb 20 2020


R:=sqrt(1-12*x): seq(coeff(convert(series((R-1)^2/(12*R^2*(R+2)), x, 50), polynom), x, n), n=2..25); (Pab Ter)


Drop[With[{c=Sqrt[1-12x]}, CoefficientList[Series[(c-1)^2/(12c^2 (c+2)), {x, 0, 30}], x]], 2] (* Harvey P. Dale, Jun 14 2011 *)



A005159_ser(N) = my(x='x+O('x^(N+1))); (1 - sqrt(1-12*x))/(6*x);

A006300_ser(N) = my(y = A005159_ser(N+1)); y*(y-1)^2/(3*(y-2)^2*(y+2));

Vec(A006300_ser(21)) \\ Gheorghe Coserea, Jun 02 2017


Cf. A007137, A006386.

Rooted maps with n edges of genus g for 0 <= g <= 10: A000168, this sequence, A006301, A104742, A215402, A238355, A238356, A238357, A238358, A238359, A238360.

Sequence in context: A001755 A016190 A016188 * A282372 A240799 A281931

Adjacent sequences:  A006297 A006298 A006299 * A006301 A006302 A006303




N. J. A. Sloane


Bender et al. give 20 terms.

More terms from Pab Ter (pabrlos2(AT)yahoo.com), Nov 07 2005

More terms from Joerg Arndt, Feb 26 2014



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