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A000515 a(n) = (2n)!(2n+1)!/n!^4, or equally (2n+1)C(2n,n)^2.
(Formerly M4874 N2087)
1, 12, 180, 2800, 44100, 698544, 11099088, 176679360, 2815827300, 44914183600, 716830370256, 11445589052352, 182811491808400, 2920656969720000, 46670906271240000, 745904795339462400, 11922821963004219300, 190600129650794094000, 3047248986392325330000 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



a(n) is also the (n,n)-th entry in the inverse of the n-th Hilbert matrix. - Asher Auel (asher.auel(AT)reed.edu), May 20 2001

a(n) is also the ratio of the determinants of the n-th Hilbert matrix to the (n+1)-th Hilbert matrix (see A005249), for n>0. Thus the determinant of the inverse of the n-th Hilbert matrix is the product of a(i) for i from 1 to n. (Claimed by Jud McCranie without proof, Jul 17 2000)

a(n) is the right side of the binomial sum: 2^(4*n) * sum(binomial(-1/2, i)*binomial(1/2, i), i=0..n). - Yong Kong (ykong(AT)curagen.com), Dec 26 2000

Right-hand side of Sum[i=0..n, Sum[j=0..n, C(i+j,j)^2 * C(4n-2i-2j,2n-2j)]].


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a(n) ~ 2*Pi^-1*2^(4*n). - Joe Keane (jgk(AT)jgk.org), Jun 07 2002

O.g.f.: 2/Pi*EllipticE(4*sqrt(x))/(1-16*x). - Vladeta Jovovic, Jun 15 2005

E.g.f.: Sum[n>=0, a(n)*x^(2n)/(2n)! = BesselI(0, 2*x)*(BesselI(0, 2*x)+4*x*BesselI(1, 2*x)). - Vladeta Jovovic, Jun 15 2005

E.g.f.: Sum_{n>=0} a(n)*x^(2n+1)/(2n+1)! = BesselI(0, 2x)^2*x. - Michael Somos, Jun 22 2005

E.g.f.: x*(BesselI(0, 2x))^2=x+(2*x^3)/(U(0)-2*x^2); U(k)=(2*x^2)*(2*k+1)+(k+1)^3-(2*x^2)*(2*k+3)*((k+1)^3)/U(k+1)); (continued fraction). - Sergei N. Gladkovskii, Nov 23 2011

n^2*a(n) -4*(2*n-1)*(2*n+1)*a(n-1)=0. - R. J. Mathar, Sep 08 2013

O.g.f.: hypergeom([1/2, 3/2], [1], 16*x). - Peter Luschny, Oct 08 2015


with(linalg): for n from 1 to 24 do print(det(hilbert(n))/det(hilbert(n+1))): od;


A000515[n_] := (2*n + 1)*Binomial[2 n, n]^2 (* Enrique Pérez Herrero, Mar 31 2010 *)


(MAGMA) [(2*n+1)*Binomial(2*n, n)^2: n in [0..25]]; // Vincenzo Librandi, Oct 08 2015

(PARI) vector(100, n, n--; (2*n+1)*binomial(2*n, n)^2) \\ Altug Alkan, Oct 08 2015


Cf. A002894, A005249, A002457, A000108, A039598, A024492, A000894, A228329, A000515, A228330, A228331, A228332, A228333.

Sequence in context: A130550 A073975 A069685 * A241710 A318245 A051609

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N. J. A. Sloane



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