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A257308 Initial members of prime 16-tuplets. 27
13, 47710850533373130107, 347709450746519734877, 695874886175252911063, 1099638576123052218257, 1169914227530138703617, 1522014304823128379267, 1567582627835236839763, 1620784518619319025977, 1750052554011927712483, 2257588388550898970503, 2639154464612254121537, 3259125690557440336637, 3789227751026345304613, 4654682384109074514133, 5022156579757255625623, 9042634271485192050677, 9239395687646993061197, 13599236099159166553033 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



Tim Johannes Ohrtmann, Table of n, a(n) for n = 1..66

Tony Forbes k-tuplets


Initial members of all of the first prime k-tuplets:

twin primes: A001359.

prime triples: A007529 out of A022004, A022005.

prime quadruplets: A007530.

prime quintuplets: A086140 out of A022007, A022006.

prime sextuplets: A022008.

prime septuplets: A257124 out of A022009, A022010.

prime octuplets: A065706 out of A022011, A022012, A022013.

prime nonuplets: A257125 out of A022547, A022548, A022545, A022546.

prime decaplets: A257127 out of A027569, A027570.

prime 11-tuplets: A257129 out of A213646, A213647.

prime 12-tuplets: A257131 out of A213601, A213645.

prime 13-tuplets: A257135 out of A214947, A257137, A257138, A257139, A257140, A257141.

prime 14-tuplets: A257166 out of A257167, A257168.

prime 15-tuplets: A257169 out of A257304, A257305, A257306, A257307.

prime 16-tuplets: this sequence out of A257369, A257370.

prime 17-tuplets: A257373 out of A257374, A257375, A257376, A257377.

Sequence in context: A093671 A257137 A134070 * A257369 A322517 A257375

Adjacent sequences:  A257305 A257306 A257307 * A257309 A257310 A257311




Tim Johannes Ohrtmann, Apr 21 2015



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