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A076335 Brier numbers: numbers that are both Riesel and Sierpiński [Sierpinski], or odd n such that for all k >= 1 the numbers n*2^k + 1 and n*2^k - 1 are composite. 24
3316923598096294713661, 10439679896374780276373, 11615103277955704975673, 12607110588854501953787, 17855036657007596110949, 21444598169181578466233, 28960674973436106391349, 32099522445515872473461, 32904995562220857573541 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



a(1), a(4), and a(6)-a(8) computed by Christophe Clavier, Dec 31 2013 (see link below). 10439679896374780276373 had been found earlier in 2013 by Dan Ismailescu and Peter Seho Park (see reference below). a(3), a(5), and a(9) computed in 2014 by Emmanuel Vantieghem.

These are just the smallest examples known - there may be smaller ones.

There are no Brier numbers below 10^9. - Arkadiusz Wesolowski, Aug 03 2009

Other Brier numbers are 143665583045350793098657, 1547374756499590486317191, 3127894363368981760543181, 3780564951798029783879299, but these may not be the /next/ Brier numbers after those shown. From 2002 to 2013 these four numbers were given here as the smallest known Brier numbers, so a new entry has been created to preserve that fact, A234594. - N. J. A. Sloane, Jan 03 2014

143665583045350793098657 computed in 2007 by Michael Filaseta, Carrie Finch, and Mark Kozek.

It is a conjecture that every such number has more than 10 digits. In 2011 I have calculated that for any n < 10^10 there is a k such that either n*2^k + 1 or n*2^k - 1 has all its prime factors greater than 1321. - Arkadiusz Wesolowski, Feb 03 2016


Table of n, a(n) for n=1..9.

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Carlos Rivera, See here for latest information about progress on this sequence

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Cf. A194591, A194600, A194603, A194606, A194607, A194608, A194635, A194636, A194637, A194638, A194639, A076336, A076337, A040081, A040076, A103963, A103964, A038699, A050921, A064699, A052333, A003261.

A180247 gives the primes.

See also A076336, A076337.

A234594 is the old, incorrect, version.

Sequence in context: A092118 A257376 A037017 * A280301 A115542 A171265

Adjacent sequences:  A076332 A076333 A076334 * A076336 A076337 A076338




Olivier Gérard, Nov 07 2002


Many terms reported in Problem 29 from "The Prime Problems & Puzzles Connection" from Carlos Rivera, May 30 2010

Entry revised by Arkadiusz Wesolowski, May 17 2012

Entry revised by Carlos Rivera and N. J. A. Sloane, Jan 03 2014

Entry revised by Arkadiusz Wesolowski, Feb 15 2014



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