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A073643 Nine-digit primes with all distinct digits. 6
102345689, 102345697, 102345869, 102346789, 102346879, 102346897, 102346957, 102347689, 102348679, 102348769, 102349867, 102354689, 102354697, 102356489, 102356789, 102356987, 102358769, 102358967, 102364859, 102364879, 102365897 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



The number of distinct-digit primes are finite. E.g. there are exactly 145227 nine-digit primes from 102345689 to 987654103.

All terms have exactly one "0" because nine-digit zero-less numbers with all distinct digits are divisible by 9. - Zak Seidov, Mar 15 2015


Zak Seidov, Table of n, a(n) for n = 1..10000


a(1)=102345689 because 102345689 is the smallest 9-digit prime with all distinct digits.


For 3-digit distinct-digit primes, see A074675, A074676.

4-digit distinct-digit primes are in A074673, see also A074674.

5-digit distinct-digit primes are in A074671, see also A074672.

6-digit distinct-digit primes are in A074669, see also A074670.

7-digit distinct-digit primes are in A074667, see also A074668.

8-digit distinct-digit primes are in A074665, see also A074666.

Sequence in context: A293587 A263070 A116670 * A235161 A235724 A241792

Adjacent sequences:  A073640 A073641 A073642 * A073644 A073645 A073646




Zak Seidov, Aug 29 2002



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