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Sameen Ahmed Khan, Assistant Professor, Dhofar University, Salalah, Sultanate of OMAN. Further details at

Contributed 35 Sequences:

Resistor Networks: A174283, A174284, A174285,A174286, A176497, A176498, A176499, A176500, A176501 and A176502.

Primes in Arithmetic Progression (AP-k): A206037, A206038, A206039, A206040, A206041, A206042, A206043, A206044, A206045, A227281, A227282, A227283, A227284, A227285 and A227286.

Primes in Geometric-Arithmetic Progression (GAP-k): A209202, A209203, A209204, A209205, A209206, A209207, A209208, A209209, A209210 and A227280.