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A228486 Near primorial primes: primes p such that p+1 or p-1 is a primorial number (A002110). 0
2, 3, 5, 7, 29, 31, 211, 2309, 2311, 30029, 200560490131, 304250263527209, 23768741896345550770650537601358309 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



Combined list of prime Euclid numbers and prime Kummer numbers. Comment by "eigenperson" in  "The products of the first n primes are called the primorials. If you add 1 to these, you get the Euclid numbers. If you subtract 1 instead, you get the Kummer numbers. The prime Euclid numbers (or prime Kummer numbers) don't have special names. They are just the 'prime Euclid numbers.' I guess you could call them 'Euclid primes' (or 'Kummer primes') if you wanted to be fancy, but this is not widely-used terminology. You can find a list of the first few prime Euclid numbers on OEIS. I believe the question of whether this list goes on forever is unsolved. As far as I know, the combined list of prime Euclid numbers and prime Kummer numbers has no name (and isn't even on OEIS as far as I can tell)."

The next few terms are too large to add: 317#-1, 337#-1, 379#+1, 991#-1. - Charles R Greathouse IV, Sep 12 2013


Table of n, a(n) for n=1..13.

Physicsforums with comment defining this sequence.


A057705 UNION {primes p such that p-1 is a primorial number} =

{primes p such that p+1 is a primorial number (A002110)} UNION {primes p such that p-1 is a primorial number}.


Cf. A000040, A002110, A057705, A228485.

Sequence in context: A273726 A211660 A215155 * A117135 A019372 A117299

Adjacent sequences:  A228483 A228484 A228485 * A228487 A228488 A228489




Jonathan Vos Post, Aug 22 2013


a(1)-a(2), a(7), a(11) inserted by Charles R Greathouse IV, Sep 12 2013



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