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A056814 Triangle partitions of order n: topologically distinct ways to dissect a triangle into n triangles. 2
1, 4, 23, 180, 1806, 20198 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)
Ed Pegg, Jr., Triangles
Z. Skupien, A. Zak, Pair-sums packing and rainbow cliques, in Topics In Graph Theory, A tribute to A. A. and T. E. Zykovs on the occasion of A. A. Zykov's 90th birthday, ed. R. Tyshkevich, Univ. Illinois, 2013, pages 131-144, (in English and Russian).
Miroslav Vicher, Triangle Partitions
Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics, Triangle Dissection
From M. F. Hasler, Feb 15 2024: (Start)
a(2) = 1 because up to equivalence, there is only one partition of a triangle in two smaller ones, using a segment from one vertex to a point on the opposite side. (Here and below, "on" excludes the endpoints.)
a(3) = 4 is the number of partitions of a triangle ABC into three smaller ones: One uses three segments AD, BD and CD, where D is a point inside ABC. Three other topologically inequivalent partitions of order 3 each use two segments, as follows: {AE, AF}, {AE, EG} and {AE, BH}, where E and F are two distinct points on BC, G is a point on AB, and H is a point on AE. (End)
Cf. A053740.
Sequence in context: A089465 A220214 A106174 * A058863 A192840 A302189
N. J. A. Sloane, Sep 01 2000

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