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A276590 Pandigital numbers n such that sum of all permutations of digits of n is also a pandigital number. Sequence lists the least ones of corresponding permutational classes. 1
10234567889, 100223456789, 100234566789, 100234567889, 101234556789, 101234567789, 102234456789, 102234566789, 102334556789, 102334567899, 102344456789, 102344567889, 102345567789, 102345666789, 102345677789, 102345678899, 1000223456789, 1000234456789, 1000234566789 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



The least pandigital number in A276510 is 10234567889.

Each member of the sequence has digits in increasing order except that the first digit is 1.

The sequence has 1 member with 11 digits, 15 with 12 digits, 90 with 13 digits, 261 with 14 digits and 1190 with 15 digits.


Robert Israel, Table of n, a(n) for n = 1..1557


100223456789 is a term because A045876(100223456789) = 52113599999947886400 is pandigital.


pandig:= n -> evalb(nops(convert(convert(n, base, 10), set))=10):

sump:= proc(x) local L, D, n, M, s, j;

L:= convert(x, base, 10);

D:= [seq(numboccur(j, L), j=0..9)];

n:= nops(L);

M:= n!/mul(d!, d=D);

s:= add(j*D[j+1], j=0..9);


end proc:

n0:= 1023456789:

rep:= proc(n) local L, n0, i;

L:= sort(convert(n, base, 10));

n0:= numboccur(0, L);

L:= subsop(1=1, n0+1=0, L);

add(L[-i-1]*10^(i), i=0..nops(L)-1); end proc:


select(pandig @ sump, {seq(seq(n0*10^d+x, x=0..10^d-1), d=0..3)})), list));


Cf. A045876, A171102, A276510.

Sequence in context: A159292 A144648 A098143 * A259152 A135047 A017541

Adjacent sequences: A276587 A276588 A276589 * A276591 A276592 A276593




Robert Israel and Altug Alkan, Sep 06 2016



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