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A227865 Ending letter of a(n) equals starting letter of a(n+1), when spelled out in French; always choose the smallest possible number not yet used and not ending the sequence. 2
0, 11001, 900, 7, 3, 61, 901, 903, 63, 65, 41, 905, 43, 67, 31, 907, 33, 68, 35, 45, 47, 37, 38, 300, 77, 301, 908, 303, 78, 305, 48, 307, 308, 317, 318, 320, 321, 917, 323, 600, 601, 918, 325, 80, 603, 605, 81, 920 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



French version of a variant of A230862 without monotonicity.

No term must end in "deux", "quatre", "six", "neuf", "dix", "onze", "douze", "treize", "quatorze", "quinze", "seize", "trente", "quarante", "cinquante", "soixante", "mille", since there is no corresponding initial. The only possible endings are "zero", "un", "trois", "cinq", "(dix-)sept", "(dix-)huit", "vingt", "quatre-vingts", "cent(s)" and "million(s)" etc. This further reduces the possible initials to "n", "o", "q", "t", "s", with corresponding words: "neuf", "onze", "quatre/quatorze/quarante/quatre-vingt(s)", "trois/treize/trente" and "six/sept/seize/soixante(-dix)" (plus huge numbers like trillion, quadrillion, ...).


Table of n, a(n) for n=1..48.


zérO, Onze mille uN, Neuf centS, SepT, TroiS, Soixante-et-uN, Neuf cent uN, Neuf cent troiS, Soixante-troiS, Soixante-cinQ, Quarante-et-uN, Neuf cent cinQ, Quarante-troiS, Soixante-sepT, Trente-et-uN, Neuf cent sepT, Trente-TroiS, Soixante-huiT, Trente-cinQ, Quarante-cinQ, Quarante-sepT, Trente-sepT, Trente-huiT, Trois centS, Soixante-dix-sepT, Trois cent uN, Neuf cent huiT, Trois cent troiS, Soixante-dix-huiT, Trois cent cinQ, Quarante-huiT, Trois cent sepT, Trois cent huiT, Trois cent dix-sepT, Trois cent dix-huiT, Trois cent vingT, Trois cent vingt et uN, Neuf cent dix-sepT, Trois cent vingt-troiS, Six centS, Six cent uN, Neuf cent dix-huiT, Trois cent vingt-cinQ, Quatre-vingtS, Six cent troiS, Six cent cinQ, Quatre-vingt-uN, Neuf cent vingT, ...


(PARI) spellout(seq)={ for(i=1, #seq, my(s=Vecsmall(French(seq[i]))); s[1]-=32; s[#s]-=32; print1(Strchr(s)", "))} /* see A167507 for French() */


Cf. A230862.

Sequence in context: A252033 A352751 A266983 * A267777 A034712 A178586

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M. F. Hasler, Nov 01 2013



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