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A202362 Initial prime in prime decuplets (p+0,2,6,12,14,20,24,26,30,32) preceding the maximal gaps in A202361. 2
9853497737, 22741837817, 242360943257, 1418575498577, 4396774576277, 8639103445097, 11105292314087, 12728490626207, 119057768524127, 226608256438997, 581653272077387, 896217252921227, 987041423819807, 1408999953009347, 1419018243046487, 2189095026865907 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



Prime decuplets (p+0,2,6,12,14,20,24,26,30,32) are one of the two types of densest permissible constellations of 10 primes. Maximal gaps between decuplets of this type are listed in A202361; see more comments there.


Dana Jacobsen, Table of n, a(n) for n = 1..27

T. Forbes, Prime k-tuplets

G. H. Hardy and J. E. Littlewood, Some Problems of 'Partitio Numerorum.' III. On the Expression of a Number as a Sum of Primes, Acta Math. 44, 1-70, 1923.

Alexei Kourbatov, Maximal gaps between prime k-tuples

Eric W. Weisstein, k-Tuple Conjecture


The gap of 12102794130 between the very first decuplets starting at p=9853497737 and p=21956291867 means that the initial term is a(1)=9853497737.

The next gap after the decuplet starting at p=21956291867 is smaller, so it does not contribute to this sequence.

The next gap of 141702673770 between the decuplets at p=22741837817 and p=164444511587 is a new record; therefore the next term is a(2)=22741837817.


(Perl) use ntheory ":all"; my($i, $l, $max)=(-1, 0, 0); for (sieve_prime_cluster(1, 1e13, 2, 6, 12, 14, 20, 24, 26, 30, 32)) { my $gap=$_-$l; if ($gap>$max) { say "$i $l" if ++$i > 0; $max=$gap; } $l=$_; } # Dana Jacobsen, Oct 09 2015


Cf. A027570 (prime decuplets p+0,2,6,12,14,20,24,26,30,32), A202361.

Sequence in context: A022251 A015385 A027570 * A204058 A328291 A328292

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Alexei Kourbatov, Dec 18 2011



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