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A122505 Arises from energy spectrum of three dimensional gravity with negative cosmological constant, in analysis by Edward Witten. 0
24, 24, 95, 1, 143, 1, 262, -213, 453, -261, 739, -833, 1169, -1168, 2172, -2505, 3104, -3581, 5255, -6449 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



Abstract: "We consider the problem of identifying the CFT's that may be dual to pure gravity in three dimensions with negative cosmological constant. The c-theorem indicates that three-dimensional pure gravity is consistent only at certain values of the coupling constant and the relation to Chern-Simons gauge theory hints that these may be the values at which the dual CFT can be holomorphically factorized. If so and one takes at face value the minimum mass of a BTZ black hole, then the energy spectrum of three-dimensional gravity with negative cosmological constant can be determined exactly. At the most negative possible value of the cosmological constant, the dual CFT is very likely the monster theory of Frenkel, Lepowsky and Meurman. The monster theory may be the first in a discrete series of CFT's that are dual to three-dimensional gravity. The partition function of the second theory in the sequence can be determined on a hyperelliptic Riemann surface of any genus. We also make a similar analysis of supergravity."


Table of n, a(n) for n=1..20.

Edward Witten, Three-Dimensional Gravity Revisited, Table 1, p. 46.

"GH", Strings 2007, thread of "Not Even Wrong" Physics blog, edited by Peter Woit, (woit(AT)math.columbia.edu), thread initiated Jun 25 2007, comment by "GH" extending sequence dated Jul 01 2007.


Sequence in context: A185750 A040553 A022358 * A103640 A004011 A056465

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Jonathan Vos Post, Jun 25 2007, Jul 03 2007


a(11)-a(20) given by "GH" at Not Even Wrong Blog; not verified as correct; commenter email unknown.



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