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A001411 Number of n-step self-avoiding walks on square lattice.
(Formerly M3448 N1402)
1, 4, 12, 36, 100, 284, 780, 2172, 5916, 16268, 44100, 120292, 324932, 881500, 2374444, 6416596, 17245332, 46466676, 124658732, 335116620, 897697164, 2408806028, 6444560484, 17266613812, 46146397316, 123481354908, 329712786220, 881317491628 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



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extend:=proc(L) local L1, U, X, res:

   U:=[[1, 0], [0, 1], [-1, 0], [0, -1]]:

   res:=NULL:for X in U do L1:=[op(L), L[nops(L)]+X]:

   if noloop(L1) then res:=res, L1 fi od:

   return(res) end:

walks:={[[0, 0]]}: A001411:=1:

to 12 do walks:=map(x->extend(x), walks): A001411:=A001411, nops(walks) od:


# Robert FERREOL, Mar 29 2019


mo=Tuples[{-1, 1}, 2]; a[0]=1; a[tg_, p_:{{0, 0}}] := Block[{e, mv = Complement[Last[p]+# & /@ mo, p]}, If[tg == 1, Length@mv, Sum[a[tg-1, Append[p, e]], {e, mv}]]]; a /@ Range[0, 10] (* Giovanni Resta, May 06 2016 *)



def add(L, x):

    M=[y for y in L]; M.append(x)


plus=lambda L, M : [x+y for x, y in zip(L, M)]

mo=[[1, 0], [0, 1], [-1, 0], [0, -1]]

def a(n, P=[[0, 0]]):

    if n==0: return(1)

    mv1=[plus(P[-1], x) for x in mo]

    mv2=[x for x in mv1 if x not in P]

    if n==1: return(len(mv2))

    else: return(sum(a(n-1, add(P, x)) for x in mv2))

[a(n) for n in range(11)]

# Robert FERREOL, Nov 30 2018; after the Mathematica program.


Twice A002900.

Sequence in context: A294782 A002906 A191756 * A095350 A084776 A162921

Adjacent sequences:  A001408 A001409 A001410 * A001412 A001413 A001414




N. J. A. Sloane, A. J. Guttmann (tonyg(AT)maths.mu.OZ.AU)



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