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Welcome to the e-party to celebrate the arrival of the 100,000-th sequence, A100000 !

This is also the 40-th anniversary of the birth of the database

(when I was a graduate student at Cornell in the 1960's).


Since thousands of people from all over the world

use the OEIS every day, a real party would be impossible.

So instead let's have an e-party!


Everyone who uses the OEIS is invited to join!


(larger image)

Neil Sloane, host

Highland Park, NJ, USA

Aug 12, 2004

Welcome to the party!

The OEIS would not exist in its present form

without the continued support and encouragement

of my beloved wife

Susanna Cuyler

who also welcomes you!


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Guests by Country
Australia Brendan McKay, Ian Wanless
Belarus Valery Liskovets
Belgium Eric Angelini, Patrick De Geest, Wouter Meeussen, Alexandre Wajnberg
Brazil Odimar Fabeny
Canada Manish Gupta, Richard Guy, Axel Harvey, Hans Havermann, Richard Nowakowski,Simon Plouffe, Don Reble, Frank Ruskey
China Eva Yu Ping Deng, Rosena Ruo Xia Du, Laura Li Min Yang
England Henry Bottomley, Keith Briggs, Alastair Broadley, Peter Cameron, Min Chen, Mark Hudson
Finland Antti Karttunen
France Lekraj Beedassy, Pierre CAMI, Benoit Cloitre, Boris Gourévitch, Claude Lenormand, Karol Penson
Germany Klaus Brockhaus, Creighton Dement, Gottfried Helms, Wolfdieter Lang, Casey Mongoven, Gabriele Nebe, Hugo Pfoertner, Rainer Rosenthal, Volker Schmitt, Sven Simon, Ralf Stephan, Michael Steyer, Jens Voß, Thomas Wieder, Reinhard Zumkeller
Hungary Ferenc Adorján, Lábos Elemér
Iran Farideh Firoozbakht
Ireland Paul Barry
Israel Zak Seidov
Italy Luca Colucci, Vincenzo Origlio, Giovanni Resta, Felice Russo
Netherlands Jaap Spies, John Tromp
Norway Jan Kristian Haugland, Johannes Mykkeltveit
Poland Jarek Grytczuk
Portugal Jorge Coveiro, Nelma Moreira, Rogério Reis
Serbia and Montenegro Vladeta Jovovic
Slovakia Jana Siagiova, Jozef Siran,
South Korea Gi-Sang Cheon
Spain Jose Brox, Ignacio Larrosa Cañestro
Switzerland Frédérique Oggier
USA Bucky Adams, Gary Adamson, Max Alekseyev, Sam Alexander, Al Arnold, Mohammad K. Azarian, Roger Bagula, Elwyn Berlekamp, Barbara Blahut, Dick Blahut, Christian Bower, Jim Buddenhagen, David Callan, Ray Chandler, Edwin Clark, John Conway, Russ Cox, Susanna Cuyler, Emeric Deutsch, Harvey Dubner, Tony Ephremides, Dave Forney, Erich Friedman, Henry Gould, Steven Gray, Enoch Haga, Paul Hanna, Chris Hanusa, David Harden, George Hart, Alex Healy, Nadia Heninger, Heber Herencia-Zapana, Clark Kimberling, John Layman, Marc LeBrun, Yaqin Li, Jon Low, Jim Massey, Jud McCranie, Eugene McDonnell, Gerald McGarvey, John McGee, Diana Mecum, Dieter van Melkebeek, Gérard Michon, Alec Mihailovs, Pacha Nambi, T. D. Noe, Ed Pegg, Jr., Thane Plambeck, Jonathan Vos Post, Jim Propp, Leroy Quet, Eric Rains, Bruce Sagan, James Sellers, Rick Shepherd, Robert Singleton, Neil Sloane, Len Smiley, Arturo Tejada Ruiz, Vinay Vaishampayan, Matthew Vandermast, David Wasserman, Eric Weisstein, Herb Wilf, David Wilson, Robert (Bob) Wilson, v, Edmund Yeh, Tom Zaslavsky, Doron Zeilberger
Wales Jeremy Gardiner, Marco Matosic

The Guests

(larger image)
Thane Plambeck
Palo Alto, CA, USA
Aug 12, 2004
A word to the OEIS: long may you digitize!

(larger image)
Edwin Clark
Tampa, Florida, USA
Waiting for Hurricane Charley, Aug 12, 2004
Many Happy Recurrences!

(larger image)
Hugo Pfoertner
Oberhaching near Munich, Germany
Aug 13, 2004
Curious about the next 100K sequences!

(larger image)
David Wilson (davidwwilson(AT)
Loudon, NH, USA, Aug 14, 2004
Looking forward to
a lot of "A1" sequences!

(larger image)
Claude Lenormand
St-Thibault, France
Aug 15, 2004
Longue vie à vous!

(larger image)
George Hart
Stony Brook University, NY, USA, Aug 15, 2004
Congratulations on creating
such a wonderful resource!

(larger image)
Wouter Meeussen
Avelgem, Belgium, Aug 16, 2004
Let's go for those nice ones out there,
still to be collected!

(larger image)
Peter Cameron
University of London, England
in Cairns, Australia, Aug 16, 2004
Happy 105th birthday to OEIS!

(larger image)
Henry Gould and Spotsie
Morgantown, WV, Aug 16, 2004
A toast to the unparalleled
success of the OEIS!

(larger image)
Marc LeBrun (Novato, CA, USA)
in Pisa, Italy, Aug 14, 2002
The OEIS is a(1)!

(larger image)
Ed Pegg, Jr
Champaign, IL, USA, Aug 18, 2004
To the OEIS: thanks for helping me find
prior research every day of the week!

(larger image)
Eric Weisstein
Champaign, IL, USA, Aug 18, 2004
To the OEIS: it's a pleasure
interlinking with you!

(larger image)
Henry Bottomley
London, England
Aug 18, 2004
Looking forward to the 1M party!

(larger image)
Simon Plouffe
Montréal, Canada, Aug 19, 2004
Cheers! To all the people who
contributed to the marvelous OEIS!

(larger image)
Vladeta Jovovic
Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro, Aug 19, 2004
To the OEIS, one of the
most successful international projects!

(larger image)
Erich Friedman
Orange City, FL, USA
Survived Hurricane Charley, Aug 18, 2004
Thanks Neil, for an invaluable database!

(larger image)
Robert (Bob) Wilson, v
Andover, KS, USA
Aug 20, 2004
To the OEIS!

(larger image)
Len Smiley
Anchorage, Alaska, USA
Aug 20, 2004
To the continuing success of the OEIS!

(larger image)
Reinhard Zumkeller
Munich, Germany, Aug 20, 2004
My congratulations
for the 40 + 100000 event!

(larger image)
Antti Karttunen
Porvoo, Finland, Aug 20, 2004
To the OEIS, the object
of my recurring addi(c)tions!

Smoking Section

(larger image)
Alec Mihailovs
Cookeville, TN, USA
Aug 22, 2004

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