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Welcome to the e-party to celebrate the arrival of the 100,000-th sequence, A100000 !

This is also the 40-th anniversary of the birth of the database

(when I was a graduate student at Cornell in the 1960's).


Since thousands of people from all over the world

use the OEIS every day, a real party would be impossible.

So instead let's have an e-party!


Everyone who uses the OEIS is invited to join!

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Neil Sloane, host
Highland Park, NJ, USA
Aug 12, 2004
Welcome to the party!

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(larger image)
Odimar Fabeny
Blumenau, Brazil
Sep 05, 2004
This encyclopedia is what we may call
an intelligent book. A reference for many
areas of knowledge. I love the OEIS.

(larger image)
Lekraj Beedassy
Marseille, France, Mid-August, 2004
Cheers!! Glory to the Outstanding,
Exhaustive, Invaluable & Salutary
(OEIS) database towering the million
… and well beyond!

(larger image)
Jon Low
Cherry Hill, NJ, USA
Sep 07, 2004
Thanks from all of us here at
Lockheed Martin
Advanced Technology Laboratories

(larger image)
Jan Kristian Haugland
Bergen, Norway
in Manchester, UK, August 2003
You gotta fight …
for your right …
to paaaartyyyy!

(larger image)
Richard Nowakowski
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Sep 07, 2004
I enjoyed the wine. I hope
the rest of the party was enjoyed by all!

(larger image)
Al Arnold
Corpus Christi, Texas, USA
Sep 09, 2004
Thanks for the books
and a great web site!

(larger image)
Richard Guy, John Conway, Elwyn Berlekamp
Taken by Klaus Peters in Phoenix, AZ, USA
Jan 07, 2004
Richard comments: "I told you 40 years ago
not to start this, but you wouldn't listen!

(larger image)
Jens Voß
By the Alster river,
Hamburg, Germany
Sep 10, 2004
Happy sequiversary!

(larger image)
Wolfdieter Lang
Karlsruhe, Germany
Sep 10, 2004
To the OEIS: towards B000001!

(larger image)
Hans Havermann
Toronto, Canada, Sep 12, 2004
We'll never look at numbers the same way:
Thank you for the organization!

(larger image)
Axel Harvey
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Sep 11, 2004
Segue on!

(larger image)
Vincenzo Origlio
Milano, Italy, Sep 13, 2004
To Neil, OEIS and SeqFans:
Happy 100k E-Party!

(larger image)
T. D. Noe
Portland, OR, USA
Sep 13, 2004
Here's to one of the best sites on the web!

(larger image)
Valery Liskovets
Minsk, Belarus, August 2002
To Your Sequency, and to
all the OEIS enthusiasts! Great!!

(larger image)
a(1) = Jana Siagiova (Slovakia), a(2) = Ian Wanless (Australia), a(3) = Jozef Siran (Slovakia),
a(4) = Brendan McKay (Australia), a(5) = Gi-Sang Cheon (South Korea and Australia).
Australian National University, Canberra, Australia, Sep 17, 2004
A congratulatory sequence of combinatorialists!
Keywords = more, hard, fini, nice.

(larger image)
Creighton Dement
Oldenburg, Germany, Sep 20, 2004
The quaternions love parties!

(larger image)
Mohammad K. Azarian
University of Evansville, IN, USA, Sep 20, 2004
Here's to a gloriously global effort!

(larger image)
Jeremy Gardiner
Wales, Sep 20, 2004
Many congratulations on
reaching one hundred thousand!

(larger image)
Sven Simon
Welzheim, Germany, Sep 21, 2004
Thanks Neil, for this professional
and international web resource!

(larger image)
Eric Rains
Davis, CA, USA
Sep 23, 2004
Keep up the great work!

(larger image)
Harvey Dubner
Oakland, NJ, USA, Sep 24, 2004
Holding "A Handbook of Integer Sequences" (1973)
Sincere congratulations to the author!

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