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Welcome to the e-party to celebrate the arrival of the 100,000-th sequence, A100000 !

This is also the 40-th anniversary of the birth of the database

(when I was a graduate student at Cornell in the 1960's).


Since thousands of people from all over the world

use the OEIS every day, a real party would be impossible.

So instead let's have an e-party!


Everyone who uses the OEIS is invited to join!

(larger image)
Neil Sloane, host
Highland Park, NJ, USA
Aug 12, 2004
Welcome to the party!

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(larger image)
Arturo Tejada Ruiz, Heber Herencia-Zapana,
Steven Gray, and Yaqin Li
Old Dominion University
Norfolk, VA, USA
Sep 29, 2004
Congratulations on the success of OEIS!

(larger image)
Johannes Mykkeltveit (Bergen, Norway)
on Mykkeltveitveten, Evanger, Hordaland,
Norway, Oct 08, 2004
(I am the one with the beard)
Congratulation on sequence number 100000
and the 40th anniversary!

(larger image)
Frank Ruskey
Victoria, BC, Canada, Oct 16, 2004
We all know that computational combinatorists are
machines for turning coffee into integer sequences!
Best Wishes to all, and many thanks to Neil for
providing us with such a great tool!

(larger image)
Leroy Quet
Denver CO, USA, Oct 02, 2004
Half-seriously, integers are those
numbers which possess edges, I imagine …
Thanks to the OEIS for inspiring in me
so much mathematical contemplation!

Ralf Stephan
(photo not available)
Berlin, Germany, Sep 28, 2004
I dedicate this paper
to all contributors to the OEIS

(larger image)
Gabriele Nebe
Lehrstuhl D für Mathematik, RWTH Aachen
Aachen, Germany, Oct 28, 2004
Congratulations on this great project!

(larger image)
Karol A. Penson
Lab. Physique Théorique des Liquides,
Université Paris 6,
Paris, France, Oct 21, 2004
My best wishes to Neil and
the OEIS for the first 100 K!

(larger image)
Jorge Coveiro, Lisbon, Portugal, Oct 26, 2004
== Milk Section !! ==
Have Fun with Riemann Zeta Zeros
Thanks, NJAS, and all the people around! :)
Prime Numbers & Math Forever !!!!!!

(larger image)
Matthew Vandermast
Manchester Township, NJ, USA, Oct 28, 2004
Neil, thanks for making it all possible!

(larger image)
Jaap Spies
Emmen, Netherlands, Oct 11, 2004
Proost en nog vele jaren!
(Cheers and many happy returns!)

(larger image)
Klaus Brockhaus
Berlin, Germany
Nov 02, 2004
Congratulations! Thanks! Cheers!

(larger image)
Jud McCranie
Brunswick, GA, USA, Nov 04, 2004
A toast to 105 sequences with
a glass of pure distilled water or rain water!

(larger image)
Don Reble
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Nov 06, 2004
Greetings to sequence fans of all kinds!

(larger image)
Ignacio Larrosa Cañestro
Coruña, Spain, Nov 06, 2004
Cheers and go for the 1M-th sequence!

(larger image)
David Harden
Miami, FL, USA, Nov 05, 2004
Thanks for providing a home for
all those stray integer sequences!
Best of luck for the future!

Lábos Elemér
(photo not available)
Budapest, Hungary, Nov 09, 2004
Congratulations! Happy 100K Party!

(larger image)
Bucky Adams
Seattle, WA, USA, Nov 05, 2004
Thanks from all at Boeing, cheers!
There were 100K sequences on the wall
— take one down pass it around.

(larger image)
Ray Chandler
Plano, TX, USA, Nov 14, 2004
Happy 40th Birthday to the OEIS and
congratulations on the 100,000th sequence!

(larger image)
Enoch Haga
Livermore, CA, USA
Congratulations on
reaching 100K sequences!

(larger image)
Clark Kimberling
Evansville, IL, USA, Nov 12, 2004
Congratulations to the OEIS,
and many recurrences!

(larger image)
David Wassermann
San Diego, CA, USA, Nov 15, 2004
Congratulations on
reaching 100K sequences!

(larger image)
Volker Schmitt with son Robin and 2-adic extensions of degree 2
in Leamington, Ontario, Canada, August 2002
Oedt, Germany, Nov 27, 2004
Sorry Gwen (my daugther), your pic on the 250000-party!
Thanks to Prof. Gabriele Nebe for introducing me to the p-adic world.
Comment on your work — do it bold: Something we need!

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