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OEIS 100K E-Party (Page 5)

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Welcome to the e-party to celebrate the arrival of the 100,000-th sequence, A100000 !

This is also the 40-th anniversary of the birth of the database

(when I was a graduate student at Cornell in the 1960's).


Since thousands of people from all over the world

use the OEIS every day, a real party would be impossible.

So instead let's have an e-party!


Everyone who uses the OEIS is invited to join!

(larger image)
Neil Sloane, host
Highland Park, NJ, USA
Aug 12, 2004
Welcome to the party!

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(larger image)
Salutatorians (L to R): Dick Blahut, Barbara Blahut, Massey, Tony Ephremides, Edmund Yeh, Dave Forney.
Sent by Dave Forney, Dec 02, 2004, who remarks that this was taken
a year ago at an unrelated event, but seems to have the right spirit!
(It certainly does, and I'm delighted to greet so many old friends in one picture.)
Good health and long life to a unique resource:
The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences!
Best wishes also to Susanna!

(larger image)
Jarek Grytczuk
Zielona Gora, Poland
Dec 02, 2004
Long Live the OEIS!

(larger image)
Michael Steyer (Augsberg, Germany)
At the Ammersee, Germany, Dec 02, 2004
Great numbers, great people!
Thanks for the opportunity of
being part of the OEIS community!

(larger image)
John Tromp (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Dieter van Melkebeek (Madison, WI, USA)
Sent by John Tromp, Dec 06, 2004
Congratulations on reaching 100K!

(larger image)
Ferenc Adorján (Budaors, Hungary)
Berlin, September, 2004, visiting my granddaughter.
The OEIS is a virtual, modern Babel: we proudly attempt
to grasp the important subset from a set of size Aleph-1.
Thank you for allowing me to join this great company.

(larger image)
Eugene McDonnell (Palo Alto, CA, taken in 1978)
… why should you foresee such a series of dissipation for me, I cannot imagine.
(Jane Austen, Emma, MDCCCXV, Volume II, Chapter xviii.)

(larger image)
Sam Alexander
San Diego, CA, USA
Dec 31, 2004
Thanks so much for the great Encyclopedia!

(larger image)
Frédérique Oggier
Lausanne, Switzerland, Dec 31, 2004
Happy Birthday, et longue vie
à l'encyclopédie des suites d'entiers!

(larger image)
Alexandre Wajnberg

(larger image)
Eric Angelini

Brussels, Belgium, Feb 14 2005

Long live this great project of yours!

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