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A000229 a(n) is the least number such that the n-th prime is the least quadratic nonresidue for a(n) (a(n) is always a prime).
(Formerly M2684 N1074)
3, 7, 23, 71, 311, 479, 1559, 5711, 10559, 18191, 31391, 422231, 701399, 366791, 3818929, 9257329, 22000801, 36415991, 48473881, 175244281, 120293879, 427733329, 131486759, 3389934071, 2929911599, 7979490791, 36504256799, 23616331489, 89206899239, 121560956039 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



For n>1, a(n) = prime(k), where k is the smallest number such that A053760(k) = prime(n).

One could make a case for setting a(1)=2, but a(1)=3 seems more in keeping with the spirit of the sequence.


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a(2)=7 because the second prime is 3 and 3 is the least quadratic nonresidue for 7, 14, 17, 31, 34, ... and 7 is the least of these.


Cf. A025021, A053760. For records see A133435.

Differs from A002223, A045535 at 12th term.

Sequence in context: A066768 A225914 A062241 * A133435 A079061 A228724

Adjacent sequences:  A000226 A000227 A000228 * A000230 A000231 A000232




N. J. A. Sloane.


Definition corrected by Melvin J. Knight (MELVIN.KNIGHT(AT)ITT.COM), Dec 08 2006



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