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M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering of the Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands.

Address: Calama 285, P.O. Box 2219, Cochabamba, Bolivia. e-mail: meijgia(AT)hotmail(DOT)com

Ten interesting sequences:

  • A160464 The Eta triangle
  • A160479 The ZL(n) sequence of the Zeta and Lambda triangles
  • A163931 The higher order exponential integrals E(x,m,n)
  • A163973 Van der Pauw’s constant
  • A167546 The ED1 array
  • A178867 Triangle of multinomial coefficients (version 3)
  • A180140 Eight rooks and one berserker on a 3x3 chessboard
  • A180662 The Golden Triangle
  • A274760 The multinomial transform
  • A305402 An optical diffraction sequence

Ten nice additions to existing sequences:

  • A000796 Decimal expansion of Pi ('Pi everywhere' poster).
  • A002195 Numerators of coefficients for numerical integration.
  • A008288 Square array of Delannoy numbers
  • A008955 Triangle of central factorial numbers |t(2n,2n-2k)|
  • A008956 Triangle of central factorial numbers |4^k*t(2n+1,2n+1-2k)|
  • A026794 Number of partitions of n in which least part is k.
  • A028246 Worpitzky's triangle
  • A047999 Sierpinski's triangle
  • A053657 The Minkowski numbers
  • A175840 Nicomachus' table (mirror)