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A337034 The number of n-step self avoiding walks on a 3D cubic lattice confined inside a box of size 2x2x2 where the walk starts at one of the box's corners. 4
1, 3, 9, 30, 96, 294, 840, 2214, 5796, 14112, 34158, 76062, 167928, 337476, 670626, 1181064, 2067900, 3103404, 4666542, 5758008, 7176144, 6899904, 6743712, 4535916, 3117192, 1098900, 392628, 0 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



Table of n, a(n) for n=0..27.


For n>=27 all terms are 0 as the walk contains more steps than there are available lattice points in the 2x2x2 box.


a(1) = 3 as the walk can take a first step in only three directions along the cube's edges.

a(3) = 9. After the first step along the cube's edge the walk can turn toward a face center in two ways. From the face center is has four available directions. If instead the walk takes two steps along the cube's edge to another corner it then has only two directions available for a third step. As the first step can be taken in three ways the total number of 3-step walks is 3*2*4+3*2 = 30.

a(26) = 392628. This is the total number of ways a 26-step walk can completely fill the 2x2x2 box's 26 available lattice points. Unlike the walk which starts at the center of the box, see A337021, all lattice points can be visited in one walk. Note this is larger than the total number of walks when starting at the center of the cube's face, see A337033.


Cf. A337035 (other box sizes), A337021 (start at center of box), A337033 (start at center of face), A335806 (start at middle of edge), A001412, A039648.

Sequence in context: A078844 A144817 A337267 * A250128 A199137 A089978

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Scott R. Shannon, Aug 12 2020



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