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A289191 Number of polygonal tiles with n sides with two exits per side and n edges connecting pairs of exits, with no edges between exits on the same side and non-isomorphic under rotational symmetry. 4
0, 2, 4, 22, 112, 1060, 11292, 149448, 2257288, 38720728, 740754220, 15648468804, 361711410384, 9081485302372, 246106843197984, 7160143986526240, 222595582448849152, 7364186944683168828, 258327454310582805036, 9577476294162996275928, 374205233351106756670120 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



The case n=2 is a degenerate polygon (two sides connecting two vertices). The two possibilities are when the edges cross and do not cross. Polygons start at n=3 with a triangle.

The sequence A132102 enumerates the case that edges are allowed between exits on the same side. This sequence can be enumerated in a similar manner using inclusion-exclusion on the number of sides that have their two exits connected. - Andrew Howroyd, Jan 26 2020


Andrew Howroyd, Table of n, a(n) for n = 1..200

Marko Riedel, Hexagonal tiles.

Marko Riedel, Maple code to compute number of tiles by ordinary enumeration and by Power Group Enumeration.

Marko Riedel, Maple code for number of tiles using Burnside lemma.


(PARI) a(n) = {sumdiv(n, d, my(m=n/d); eulerphi(d)*sum(i=0, m, (-1)^i * binomial(m, i) * sum(j=0, m-i, (d%2==0 || m-i-j==0) * binomial(2*(m-i), 2*j) * d^j * (2*j)! / (j!*2^j) )))/n} \\ Andrew Howroyd, Jan 26 2020


See A053871 for tiles with no rotational symmetries being taken into account, A289269 for tiles with rotational and reflectional symmetries being taken into account, A289343 for the same statistic evaluated when n is prime.

Cf. A132102.

Sequence in context: A080042 A324145 A165588 * A235938 A279705 A321248

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Marko Riedel, Jun 27 2017


Terms a(14) and beyond from Andrew Howroyd, Jan 26 2020



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