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A169584 The number of 2-noncrossing permutations of n elements. 0
1, 10, 76, 543, 3904, 29034, 225753 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



2nd column of table on p.4 of Burrill, Mishna, and Post. Table 2. Column 1 is the Catalan numbers A000108. The number of permutations of S_n with crossing number k. A crossing number of 1 is equivalent to non-crossing.


Table of n, a(n) for n=3..9.

Sophie Burrill, Marni Mishna and Jacob Post, On k-crossings and k-nestings of permutations, arXiv:0912.0239 [math.CO], 2009.

William Y. C. Chen, Eva Y. P. Deng, Rosena R. X. Du, Richard P. Stanley, and Catherine H. Yan, Crossings and nestings of matchings and partitions, Trans. Amer. Math. Soc., 359(4):1555{1575 (electronic), 2007.

Sylvie Corteel, Crossings and alignments of permutations, Adv. Appl. Math 38 (2007) 149-163.

Anna de Mier, k-Noncrossing and k-nonnesting graphs and fillings of Ferrers diagrams, arXiv:math/0602195 [math.CO], 2006.

Anna de Mier, k-noncrossing and k-nonnesting graphs and fillings of Ferrers diagrams, Combinatorica, 27(6), 699-720, 2007.


Cf. A000108.

Sequence in context: A081199 A198692 A215465 * A107903 A075489 A184273

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Jonathan Vos Post, Dec 02 2009



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