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A105758 Indices of prime hexanacci (or Fibonacci 6-step) numbers A001592 (using offset -4). 3
3, 36, 37, 92, 660, 6091, 8415, 11467, 13686, 38831, 49828, 97148 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)
No other n < 30000.
This sequence uses the convention of the Noe and Post reference. Their indexing scheme differs by 4 from the indices in A001592. Sequence A249635 lists the indices of the same primes (A105759) using the indexing scheme as defined in A001592. - Robert Price, Nov 02 2014 [Edited by M. F. Hasler, Apr 22 2018]
a(13) > 3*10^5. - Robert Price, Nov 02 2014
Tony D. Noe and Jonathan Vos Post, Primes in Fibonacci n-step and Lucas n-step Sequences, J. of Integer Sequences, Vol. 8 (2005), Article 05.4.4.
Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics, Fibonacci n-Step Number
a(n) = A249635(n) - 4. A105759(n) = A001592(A249635(n)) = A001592(a(n) + 4). - M. F. Hasler, Apr 22 2018
a={1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0}; lst={}; Do[s=Plus@@a; a=RotateLeft[a]; a[[ -1]]=s; If[PrimeQ[s], AppendTo[lst, n]], {n, 30000}]; lst
Cf. A105759 (prime Fibonacci 6-step numbers), A249635 (= a(n) + 4), A001592.
Cf. A000045, A000073, A000078 (and A001631), A001591, A122189 (or A066178), A079262, A104144, A122265, A168082, A168083 (Fibonacci, tribonacci, tetranacci numbers and other generalizations).
Cf. A005478, A092836, A104535, A105757, A105761, ... (primes in these sequence).
Cf. A001605, A303263, A303264 (and A104534 and A247027), A248757 (and A105756), ... (indices of primes in A000045, A000073, A000078, ...).
Sequence in context: A189216 A291213 A158301 * A214852 A113799 A072682
T. D. Noe, Apr 22 2005
a(10)-a(12) from Robert Price, Nov 02 2014
Edited by M. F. Hasler, Apr 22 2018

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