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A096566 a(n) = concatenation of 10 distinct decimal digits in order of n-th appearance in the base-10 expansion of Pi. 2
3145926870, 1539284670, 5932648170, 3295841670, 3289517460, 3958247160, 3945286017, 3942865107, 3928461057, 9382461057, 9832460517, 9832640517, 9823460517, 9823450167, 8293415067, 8923410567, 8239401567, 8249310567 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



Maximal information-based nonparametric exploration statistical analysis program (MINE), which I applied "pairwise" to the first 62 terms, shows high values (up to 1) of the  maximal information coefficient (MIC), which is a measure of two-variable dependence designed specifically for rapid exploration of many-dimensional data sets - see supplied links. - Alexander R. Povolotsky, Sep 07 2012

Computationally intractable question: what is the last term to appear, assuming all 9*9! terms eventually show up? - Charles R Greathouse IV, Sep 07 2012


Alexander R. Povolotsky, Table of n, a(n) for n = 1..62

Alexander R. Povolotsky, Trends in the distribution of reordered digits of Pi, (question on stackexchange.com)


Cf. A000796, A014976, A053745-A053753, A096567.

Sequence in context: A257893 A015397 A092380 * A217051 A198863 A199630

Adjacent sequences:  A096563 A096564 A096565 * A096567 A096568 A096569




Matthew Vandermast, Jun 26 2004



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