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A050279 a(n) is the starting position of the first occurrence of a string of at least n '0's in the decimal expansion of Pi. 20
32, 307, 601, 13390, 17534, 1699927, 3794572, 172330850, 2542542102, 8324296435, 371247087572, 1755524129973, 3186699229890, 6381820482331 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)
At least up to a(10), also the starting position of the first occurrence of a string of exactly n '0's in the decimal expansion of Pi, cf. A096764. - M. F. Hasler, Mar 19 2017, edited Sep 03 2017
a(15) > 22*10^12. - Dmitry Petukhov, Jan 28 2020
Shigeru Kondo, calculation of Pi to 12.8 * 10^9 digits, using the program PiFast of Xavier Gourdon
David G. Andersen, The Pi-Search Page.
Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics, Pi Digits
See A096764 for another version.
Cf. A000796: Decimal expansion (or digits) of Pi.
First occurrence of exactly n times the same digit: A096755 (exactly n '1's), A096756, A096757, A096758, A096759, A096760, A096761, A096762, A096763 (exactly n '9's), A096764 (exactly n '0's).
First occurrence of n times the same digit: A035117 (n '1's), A050281 (n '2's), A050282, A050283, A050284, A050286, A050287, A048940 (n '9's).
First occurrence of concatenate(1,...,n): A121280 = A068987 - 1.
Sequence in context: A074469 A159654 A061958 * A096764 A256802 A199532
More terms from Colin B. Martin (martinc(AT)ram.net.au), Nov 25 2001
Edited by N. J. A. Sloane at the suggestion of M. F. Hasler, Aug 24 2007
Edited by M. F. Hasler, Mar 19 2017
Definition modified by N. J. A. Sloane, Sep 03 2017
a(11)-a(14) added by Dmitry Petukhov, Jan 12 2020

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