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A096763 Position of the first occurrence of exactly n consecutive '9's in a row in the decimal expansion of Pi. 23
5, 44, 2949, 17988, 19446, 762, 1722776, 36356642, 564665206, 20148132310, 27014073304, 897831316556, 10542036048450, 5758910552709 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



Table of n, a(n) for n=1..14.

David G. Andersen, The Pi-Search Page.

Yasumasa Kanada, Statistical Distribution Information, Home Page, Computer Centre, The University of Tokyo.

PI-world Site, The digits and Statistics for 12 trillion digits of PI [archived page]


Cf. A000796: Decimal expansion (or digits) of Pi.

First occurrence of n times the same digit: A035117 (n '1's), A050281 (n '2's), A050282, A050283, A050284, A050286, A050287, A048940 (n '9's).

First occurrence of exactly n times the same digit: A096755 (exactly n '1's), A096756, A096757, A096758, A096759, A096760, A096761, A096762, A096763 (exactly n '9's), A050279 (exactly n '0's).

First occurrence of n: A176341; of concatenate(1,...,n): A121280 = A068987 - 1.

Sequence in context: A215517 A215584 A262116 * A345398 A341383 A214711

Adjacent sequences:  A096760 A096761 A096762 * A096764 A096765 A096766




Robert G. Wilson v, Jul 07 2004


a(10)-a(11) from Giovanni Resta, Sep 30 2019

a(12) from Yasumasa Kanada, 2002 and a(13)-a(14) from Shigeru Kondo, 2011, added by Dmitry Petukhov, Dec 27 2019



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