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A013922 Number of labeled connected graphs with n nodes and 0 cutpoints (blocks or nonseparable graphs). 57
0, 1, 1, 10, 238, 11368, 1014888, 166537616, 50680432112, 29107809374336, 32093527159296128, 68846607723033232640, 290126947098532533378816, 2417684612523425600721132544, 40013522702538780900803893881856 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



Or, number of labeled 2-connected graphs with n nodes.


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Huantian Cao, AutoGF: An Automated System to Calculate Coefficients of Generating Functions, thesis, 2002 [Local copy, with permission]

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Harary and Palmer give e.g.f. in Eqn. (1.3.3) on page 10.


seq[n_] := CoefficientList[Log[x/InverseSeries[x*D[Log[Sum[2^Binomial[k, 2]*x^k/k!, {k, 0, n}] + O[x]^n], x]]], x]*Range[0, n-2]!;

seq[16] (* Jean-François Alcover, Aug 19 2019, after Andrew Howroyd *)


(PARI) seq(n)={Vec(serlaplace(log(x/serreverse(x*deriv(log(sum(k=0, n, 2^binomial(k, 2) * x^k / k!) + O(x*x^n)))))), -n)} \\ Andrew Howroyd, Sep 26 2018


Cf. A002218, A004115, A095983.

Row sums of triangle A123534.

Sequence in context: A096331 A159497 A177595 * A215835 A006423 A067423

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Stanley Selkow (sms(AT)owl.WPI.EDU)



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