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A003090 Number of species (or "main classes" or "paratopy classes") of Latin squares of order n.
(Formerly M0387)
1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 12, 147, 283657, 19270853541, 34817397894749939, 2036029552582883134196099 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)
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Brendan D. McKay, Latin Squares (has list of all such squares)
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Sequence in context: A032320 A032227 A032069 * A032152 A032057 A364774
a(9)-a(10) (from the McKay-Meynert-Myrvold article) from Richard Bean, Feb 17 2004
a(11) from Petteri Kaski (petteri.kaski(AT)cs.helsinki.fi), Sep 18 2009

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