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Here is one of my projects: IMSLP Orchestra to do world premiere recording of Symphony by Franz Asplmayr.

I graduated from Wayne State University with a bachelor's degree in Film Studies in 2008. In 2004, I wrote for WSU's student newspaper, The South End, an article on the celebration for the 100,000th sequence to be added to the OEIS, A100000.

Sequence of the Day for May 24

A164102: Decimal expansion of
2 π 2
A lot of us have quite enough trouble with just three dimensions. The hypersurface “area” of a unit hypersphere in four dimensions (i.e. a 3-sphere) is
2 π 2 (length unit) 3
. The “volume” of the contained hyperball (i.e. a 4-ball) is
π 2
  (length unit) 4
. Compare it with the 3-dimensional unit ball: the surface area of a unit sphere in three dimensions (i.e. a 2-sphere) is
4 π (length unit) 2
. The volume of the contained ball (i.e. a 3-ball) is
4 π
  (length unit) 3
. The “volume” of the
-dimensional unit hyperball is given by
Vn (1) =
⌈ n / 2⌉
⌊ n / 2⌋
  (length unit)n, n ≥ 0,
is the double factorial. (For
n = 0
, we get a 0-dimensional “volume” of
1 (length unit) 0
, i.e. the pure number 1, result of the empty product.) For a recursion relation, see: The Volume of a Hypersphere.

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Sequences in the News

  • Feb 01 2018 Alphabet announced a $8,589,869,056 = $A000396(6) stock buyback.
  • Jan 03 2018 Largest known term of A000043 announced: 77232917.
  • Nov 18 2016 PrimeGrid proves that 10223 is not a Sierpinski number, since 10223 × 2 31172165 + 1 is prime. So no changes to A076336 for now.
  • Sep 14 2016 Tom Greer discovers the twin primes 2996863034895 × 2 1290000 ± 1 using PrimeGrid, TwinGen and LLR.
  • Jan 19 2016 Largest known term of A000043 announced: 274207281, also discovered by Curtis Cooper.
  • Mar 02 2014 Fredrik Johansson announces a computation of the partition number p(10 20) ≈ 1.8381765 × 10 11140086259, the largest known term of A000041.
  • Dec 06 2013 Microsoft launches a challenge to find large non-Mersenne primes, A138837.