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Why are my submissions taking so long to be accepted

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  • If you are wondering why your submissions are not approved right away, there are two main reasons:

1. Submissions that need editing take longer to be processed than those that are perfectly formatted.

2. We don't have enough editors to keep up with all the submissions.

  • We get so many new submissions (often over 100 a day) that the drafts stack often has over 500 items on it.
  • The more effort you put into making your submission perfect, the faster it will be approved. Again, please read the page Why am I limited to 3 submissions for advice.
  • The editors are all unpaid volunteers.
  • If you are already a contributor, then you should certainly consider doing more editing your self. To get promoted to Associate Editor, write to

Further Remarks

  • Note that the OEIS is the equivalent of the top mathematics journals, and our time to accept or reject a contribution is a lot less than any top journal. So please be patient.
  • When the editors make improvements to your submissions, learn from what they did, and next time make those changes yourself.
  • Think before you submit a new sequence or a comment! Ask yourself if it is really important. Not every idea that occursa to you needs to recorded in the OEIS.
  • Don't submit trivial comments about the core sequences. When you see the triangular numbers in a paper, there is no need to mention this in A000217. This just clutters up the important OEIS entries.