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I have a Master's degree in mathematics from Oxford University and am currently studying for a PhD in Finite Element Methods and Boundary Element Methods at UCL. Between Oxford and UCL, I worked as a maths teacher in a secondary school.

I made /u/OEISbot in reddit: a bot which describes and links to any OEIS sequences mentioned on reddit. You can read about how it works here

Sequences I've Added

  • A256120: Number of tautologies in propositional calculus of length n.
  • A257175: The smallest m such that the m-th triangular number is greater than or equal to half the n-th triangular number.
  • A258272: The smallest amount which cannot be made with fewer than n British coins.
  • A258274: The smallest number of cents which cannot be made with fewer than n American coins.
  • A261155: The highest rugby (union) score that can be made in n or fewer ways.
  • A263987: Number of ways of ordering integers 1 to n such that each number is either a factor of or larger than its predecessor.
  • A277275: Number of contradictions in propositional calculus of length n.
  • A277276: Number of tautologies and contradictions in propositional calculus of length n.
  • A285176: Elastic numbers: numbers n with two or more digits such that for any number m made by inserting any number of 0's between the digits of n, m is a multiple of n.
  • A286334: The smallest number a such that there exists an integer b such that a/b is equal to n% rounded to the nearest percent.
  • A305461: The number of one-digit numbers, k, in base n such that k^2 and k^3 end in the same digit.
  • A321235: Haiku numbers.