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This page is devoted to the problem of predatory and other particularly low-quality publishing with an eye toward evaluating and mitigating its impact on the OEIS. In addition to papers, websites, etc. on the topic of predatory publishing itself, the scope of this page extends to best practices for publishers (ethically, as relates to the main topic); 'sting' operations, generally papers, designed to determine the legitimacy of various journals or publishers; best practices for distinguishing 'good' from 'bad' publishers/journals/sources; corruption, misconduct (including plagiarism), and retractions; and other issues that naturally relate these.




Hoaxlike Papers

The title for this section follows Schnabel 1994 (q.v.). These papers are stings, deceptions, or the like, generally designed to expose junk of the sort discussed on this page. For obvious reasons it seems inappropriate to comingle them with the other papers.